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Colne Valley Railway - 26 June

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It was 26 C outside temperature and inside the marquee where the model railway exhibition was held felt like 36 C! It was so unbearably hot inside as layouts and exhibitors succumbed to the heat. New Walmington Pier's fencing warped, so I reglued it without connecting the sections and like most other layouts, motors and controllers overheated and shut down.




This was the third exhibition I attended here and the organisers have a knack of getting the hottest day each year! I need to think very carefully about next years show!

Colne Valley Railway is a short preserved line in North Essex:


Class 121 DMU W55033


Class 422 Buffet Car S69318


Mk 3 Sleeping Car E10511 on Commonwealth bogies and is the static staff sleeper.


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Just examined New Walmington Pier and the damage from that heat is worse than I first thought.

The fencing has been re-glued back in place; Track to be replaced as the existing track was buckled in places; and power connection to track overheated and needs replacing; The white metal bandstand has become brittle with cracks and cannot be saved and there is no strength left in the street tram track at the shore end, that has been removed and will be replaced by an end scene.

Photos will follow once the model starts looking better!


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