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Tracksetta curves for SetTrack

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Are you wanting to create curves like SetTrack but want to use flexitrack to make it more realistic? Well, here is the MRL guide showing you the nearest Tracksetta curve template to represent a SetTrack curve as you would find produced by Hornby, Peco etc.

Please Note: TrackSetta curves are not produced for this kind of work. The conversions listed below are shown by calculations and are NOT accurate

The data is arranged as follows:

SetTrack Radius - SetTrack inch - TrackSetta curve (nearest one to SetTrack inches shown)

1st - 14.6" - smaller than 2nd radius not available

2nd - 17.2" - 18"

3rd - 19.8" - 18" or 21"

4th - 22.5" - 21"

5th - 25.1" - 24"

6th - 27.7" - 30"

7th - 30.4" - 30"

8th - 33.0" - 30"

I hope this guide is of use to people. The TrackSetta curves will never produce accurate SetTrack curves, but this guide will show you the nearest match if you wish to do so.

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