Pictures around the U.K.

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  Thanks,  Mark.     I was lucky to get the picture.   Apparently it had just recently arrived.   Shildon is  a lovely place to visit.   My grandchildren ask often to go there.

Here is a picture of Flying Scotsman  seen at Locomotion




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Hi David

Thanks for the pictures

When you have a spare 30 something meters and a load of PVC conduit and asst structural shapes you might be able to make a reasonable model of the small bridge in the third picture down.

The fourth bridge if memory serves correctly I can't remember the exact measurement for the bridge but I remember scaling it at over thirty meters long for OO scale.

I thought about the Glenfinnan viaduct ( I have the Hogwarts Express) and shelved that idea when it became apparent that a horrendous curve for the real railways was actually a ten feet radius in OO scale .

But it would have been impressive

regards John

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Hi NorthBrit

Looks fine to me that grand

For the first trick lets find that kind of space😧

After that its make piece then repeat until finished, I think I would get bored with the repetition before finished on a massive project like that.

regards John

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