Crown Point and Sovereign Street.

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Hello everybody.  

My model railway is (although fictitious)  is set in and around Leeds, Yorkshire.

The history being Calder Railway built a line from Earlsheaton Junction to Leeds Sovereign Street.  They built a small goods yard at Crown Point.  Another small railway company,  Leeds, Scarcroft and Wetherby Railway, built a line from Sovereign Street to Wetherby.  The LNWR took over Calder Railway and extended the line from Sovereign Street to Leeds Central for passengers and LNWR Goods Yard for goods traffic.

Fast forward to late 1960s - 1980s

. As the real station Leeds Central closed 1st May 1967 I have taken the liberty of modellers licence and it is still open. It was opened in 1854 as a joint station between the London and North Western Railway, the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, the Great Northern Railway and the North Eastern Railway. It replaced the cramped LNWR terminus at Wellington Street, which had opened in 1848 with the line to Dewsbury.
 Crown Point Yard is now a diesel refuelling and stabling yard.
On the model layout trains from Earlsheaton Junction are mainly DMUs and go to Leeds Central

DMUs also leave Central Station and travel to Wetherby and York passing Roseville School etc. on the way.

Diverted trains from the south can and do pass Crown Point and Sovereign Street before arriving Leeds Central. Hence Class 55s are seen. :)

Diverted trains from Huddersfield and Manchester also use the line. Class 52s are the locos in charge. (I have had a 'soft spot ' for them ever since I was 16 years of age) (Rule number 1 applies)

The odd train is seen diverted on the 'Wetherby Line'

Diesel engines that are seen at Crown Point are refuelled if necessary and go to Central Station OR Balm Road Quarry Sidings (the fiddle yard) for their next turn of duty. Now I have a great turn round of diesel engines which I did not have before.

Overall picture of Crown Point Yard.



Sovereign Street Station




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Down at Canal Corner.

'Fluffy' the cat prowls along the fence as it eyes the hares and badger.

Young Tommy is admiring the canal boat.  His dog, Rebel' is sitting beside him.



'Clarice' the canal boat is hugging the backscene.


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More views of the scrap yard

'In the thick of it'



More staff around the yard


Is Charlie Marston talking to a prospective buyer?



Young Jimmy Marston is fixing the wheel on the  wagon.  Max, the guard dog, is wandering over to see what the problem is.


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On my old layout (now dismantled)  there was a Metcalfe Station building.   

When I lived in Yorkshire, across the road from our house was a small school.  It was (is if still there)  similar to in build as the Metcalfe building, albeit in stone.

Not one to throw things away, a conversion of the station building to a school was done.


Original building.





Roof conversion with the chimneys removed.



New wall with railing added around the school and playground.


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Thanks for the welcome, Mark.   Glad you like the pictures.

here are some more.

The coalman on his delivery.



The Elliott family have a new fence around their cottage.




A view from the control area.  A 'nodding donkey' waits at the signal whilst a diverted train clears the junction.



Class 47 47404 'Hadrian'   with the weekly northbound oil train passing Roseville School.



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Thanks again, Mark.  Much appreciated.

When I was 16 years of age (many  moons ago) a work colleague let me read his copy of Model Railway Constructor.  One of the articles was on Class 52s (as they are now)   I was smitten.  I have twelve models of them.   

Here is D1003 Western Pioneer in the shed, with others of my fleet of locomotives.




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Class 47 47401  'North Eastern'  passing the junction on its way to Crown Point .


The bird that looks to be in front of the engine is actually on the fence.



'Waiting at the signal'.

In the distance is the bird.  Has it seen something in the field?


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