Rebuilding All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車

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Progress Report - 18/03/2020
Preparing for self-isolation if I have to and waiting for more bits and pieces.
So I decided to play with my trams instead!!
Tried out a simple but fairly entertaining exhibition sequence with one stopping tram and the other non-stopping then simultaneous running back to their start points. Figu
res, street lamps, trolley poles and wiring to be added along with loads more items that I can't even think of yet!

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Hi piermaster

That is starting to look quite impressive for something so simple.

Hope you still have a Hong Kong tram stop style beer mat that was a pretty neat touch on the old version.

regards John

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Hi John,

Thank You for the compliment!

Yes I have the HKT beer mat which will be put in front of the layout when (if ever) it gets exhibited.

Operation is basic but it needs synchronisation! I'm using a Gaugemaster D dual controller with one car running end to end call at the tram stop, and the other car running non-stop. Both cars start and finish at opposite ends of the board and must run at the same speed so they pass each other at the mid point. 

Yes it is 8 inches shorter than its predecessor, but I don't get backache with it!!



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