OTPD On Track Plant Depot

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Planning next micro-layout:

Although not strictly British Railway Modelling, Track Maintenance Machines or On Track Plant are usually Austrian (Plasser & Theurer), German (Vossloh), French (Geismar), or Italian (Donnelli) built machines for rail customers and contractors worldwide and therefore have a uniform appearance.

On Track Plant Depot. Having been up close and personal to some of these machines during my railway career, I'm gathering stock and structures for a simple HO scale micro layout where these machines would be stabled and serviced. As OTP Machines are fairly generic worldwide, then the layout will also have a generic theme.

Watch this space!!!


One of three London Transport Plasser & Theurer 07-16 PU Ballast Tampers on test at Linz Yard, Austria. 1980


Peterborough On Track Plant Depot and Training Centre. 01/11/2014.


Broxbourne Network Rail On Track Plant Depot 24/02/2018.


Stock & Structures for the new layout:

Kibri 'Forestry Set' but really permanent and mobile site accommodation.

Bachmann Spectrum (USA) Plasser & Theurer OWB 10 TRAMM (Track Repair And Maintenance Machine)

Bachmann Spectrum (USA) Plasser & Theurer 07-32 Ballast Tamper.


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Hi piermaster

Sounds interesting are you going to have an 04 class and engineers ballast hopper for variety? looks like you need a Jap 5t container.


I don't know if you can get it in the UK but nylon fly screen would do for the fence in your picture.

regards John


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Thanks Buz and Chris,

I don't want to give this micro a defined identity, it is intended to be generic as in anywhere in the world so that rules out a Class 04 and hopper wagon!
The Japanese containers are now out of stock, but I can get an HO scale container for next to nothing out of the junk box at a model shop.
I intend to use Knightwing Pallisade Fencing as it has strength and has the beefy look of security fencing. 
As far as I know, only UK & Irish OTP travel to sites without support vehicles, so I have a knackered US Flat Car which will become even more knackered and unidentifiable to carry one of the mobile site huts as seen in the Kibri kit above. 
Early days about the track plan yet, but will probably be a two track 'tuning fork' or a three track 'Inglenook'. There will be no covered stabling, On Track Machines prefer all weathers! And no fuel points as they are easily refuelled by one man and a 100 litres drum which is more than enough for a night's work.

The photo is of DR73919 in the two-siding On Track Plant Depot at Ely 20/11/2013.2095693632_DR73919atEly201113.thumb.jpg.8bf91622323f93c0b78a4d40393b0952.jpg 

Keep watching this space!!!

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Hi piermaster

I have a spare 5t Jap container if you want it I only needed one and annoyingly they come packed in threes good for wagon loads

But not if you just want a store shed like I did.

Be aware Japanese HO is 1/80 but should still be OK as a store shed.

Knackered flat car sounds more like a convert to end loading ramp to me :D as even per-way engineering stock has to be in good running order it just might not look the greatest

Hmm tough call one or two points for the layout I am greedy I would go for two :angelnot: .

Out here at least a mechanics / refueling truck and a bus or crew cab truck is usually not to far away from where the tamper or other machine's are working

So possibility for other details but road vehicles tend to identify where your supposed to be you could also get a cheapo Tyco hopper car and convert it to and icicle breaker if you want something a bit different in the yard you already have a USA flat car.

On track machines are pretty universal but everything else tends to Identify a place and time.

regards John

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Hi John,

Thanks for the kind offer of the container, but I can get a cheapy HO one at my favourite model shop in Norwich when they do their cancer charity fundraising event later this month.
Knackered flat car in my case would be sufficiently weathered so as not to readily identify its origin, it would still be a good enough runner and have couplers. 
Still need to work out board size, so track planning is way off at the moment.
There would be minimal road vehicles - just a couple of unmarked vans. 
I've just ordered Knightwing high security pallisade type fencing for three sides of the layout. 
Should be making a start in November. I have a busy month in September and a long holiday in October.

Cheers, Dave

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