The Guinness Railway, Dublin

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The St. James's Gate Brewery belonging to Guinness had what was apparently the longest private railway system in Ireland. In total there were 10 miles of track of which 8 miles were narrow gauge. There were some interesting innovations in lured within the system - a spiral in narrow gauge allowing trains to pass under St. James's Street, an ingenious conversion wagon which allowed narrow gauge locomotive to work on the broad gauge sidings, a unique design of narrow gauge locomotive specifically suited to the needs of the site.
This is another post prompted by reading 1951 editions of The Railway Magazine!

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Hi Franco

Internal factory railways can get quite big even if not in the chosen gauge

I am sure some one used to manufacture a kit for the steam loco at least.

regards John


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A short note about a couple of publications which focus on the Guinness Brewery Railways. .... .

This very short article results from some recent reading about the railways on the Guinness Brewery site in Dublin.

  • An article in 'Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review' Issue 60 Volume 8, October 2004, p134-142; and
  • Paul Webb, 'Shifting the Stout', The Moseley Trust, Apedale, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

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