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 Hi Broadoak

Now you just have to do a small extension so we can see just how you get such good results .

Wake the bloke on the wagon if he has time to sleep he has time to tidy up all the junk.

So the mechanics can see what they have to play with to make the new thingamabob the railway or the farm needs:D

regards John


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I did a small local exhibition recently with my regular helper Andy Knott who was in David Baily mode and took a few pictures. A touch more arty than his usual fare I think.




Peter M


While checking everything over prior to another exhibition I did a couple of jobs I have been meaning to do for some time. I have never liked the look of the driver in the green shunter, he was too big and odd looking so I used the dog as a sort of distraction. Now the shunter has a new driver and the little white dog has now taken up residence on the wooden bodied Simplex along with his owner who can no longer be seen. Children at shows seem to like to see the little white dog .



Peter M






A few more general views of the yard on a typical working day.

Peter M


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The last picture features a Canadian Ford which as a boy was a particular favourite of mine. A local fair used to spend the winter at a nearby farm and brought sacks filled with logs during winter months to help the coal supplies go further. They had one of these painted a desert sand colour with wide chunky tyres and the wheel nuts painted in red. I used to hope the driver would give me a ride but needless to say he never did.

Peter M






A few more views of the activities in the yard, I think the Canadian Ford looks very purposeful in profile.
The hall was rather dark in the area where I had to set it up with little natural light, but I must admit the photographs have turned out slightly better than I expected.
Although the show was mainly aimed at SG modern image modellers the farm was well received by the visitors, the tractors proving especially popular especially with the ladies.

Peter M


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A few shots to illustrate the differences  of the Opel truck the earlier version being the grey coloured example with the gas producer. Actually it was the red and green version which came out later in real life that reminded me of the OB Bedfords that were used in the logging industry in New Zealand that sparked my interest in rail trucks. When first made up this model was used to check clearances on the layout.

Peter M








That concludes the pictorial tour. As I was on my own I took the opportunity to run some of the motive power that does not get run very often.
The layout is out again in August then has a break until October.

Peter M


I did a local show last year at a place called Cogenhoe, pronounced locally as Cook na.
 Andy Knott my usual helper had brought along his camera and he took a few photos of the layout.


Wooden bodied Simplex with hidden driver and his small white assistant.


Opel Blitz arriving in yard having spent the day in the fields in preparation for harvesting the main crop potatoes.


A view inside the dark interior of the engine shed.

Peter M





A few more shots taken during a typical operating session at the show.


Peter M



A close up of skip chassis loaded with sundry items for repair in the workshops. These sort of jobs are done during the winter and other odd times when field work is not possible.



The Porter trundles by the greenhouse where the tomatoes seem to be doing rather well this year.


The milk maid is seen collecting eggs in a bucket from the free range hens. The figure is a Britain’s model that has been weathered, no that’s wrong, you can’t weather people. She has been re-painted which unfortunately has not done much to improve her looks.


Peter M






You will be relieved to know that this is the last selection of photographs taken at the show.

Peter M


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