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Bachmann 36-553 tweaked and tamed

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In recent months, I have been rebuilding a layout started and a start has been made on testing the stored locos.

Last week they were taken out of storage,  the locos are exclusively modern Hornby, S15 R3328, T9 R3107 and 700 R3240 are all fitted with Bachmann 36-553 which seemed to be the standard decoder at the time. Track was clean and all three were examined for dust, just in case, but all had been stored in their original boxes.

Performance could not have been more varied, the S15 R3328 glided around the workshop test track with without hesitation and under perfect control. Not so the two others, the T9 R3107 suffered a fast-slow-fast progress without any change of control input but the 700 R3240 was the most bizarre, stop-go-stop-go and then complete disaster as it derailed whilst running forward on a Peco long turnout. (both the S15 and T9 passed through without a murmur)

Having asked at the supplying retailer if there had been similar issues with other T9 and 700, it seems that the earlier T9 model had problems with the bogie height that prevent full contact of the driving wheels (with no solution offered) but the retailer had no knowledge of the 700 because I had been the only customer who bought one.... .however

Having reset the decoder to default values by adjusting CV8 to 08 and then tweaking the CVs, I can report that the Bachmann 36-553 decoders in both the Hornby 700 and T9 respond well to:-

CV 5 - 20
CV54 - 10
CV55 - 40

The result is smooth control, no jerk and reasonable top speed for Edwardian locos.


Beaminster Road

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