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Tim Hale

exLSWR 4-4-0s

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The perceptive of most modellers is that the BR steam era was characterised by dirt and decline, a false image normally espoused by those who dismiss whatever they do not understand. The reality, is one of dynamic change, endless variety when BR's Modernisation plan of 1955 heralded a new age of traction and the demise of steam. 

It is notable that there are few groups dedicated to BR Steam whilst social media seems overflowing with Banger Blue this and post-sectorization that, unfortunately what is unspoken is the lack of variety in both operation and stock of modern railways merely to be replaced by odd paint schemes.  A sole Facebook Group tries to buck the trend:-

Personally, it is no secret that my 'soft spot' is the exLSWR Drummond 4-4-0 and whilst the T9 is well known, there were five other classes. Of these, the L12 and S11 were the unsung heroes of the operating department, Bert Hooker, once took an eleven coach boat 'special' non-stop to Southampton with an elderly S11 without any loss of time although the tender was almost empty of water.

Here are a few images:-

Just one S11, 30404 exBournemouth on a Salisbury up passing West Moors, the rest are all L12s and D15s.

All the images were once part of my late father's collection, captured within a 45 mile radius in Hampshire and Wiltshire


My late father travelled behind S11 30434 on the Hants and Surrey tour of the Tongham cut-off in 1953


S11 30404 exBournemouth passes West Moors on an up Salisbury over the S&DJR

Below, all L12s, basically T9s with a larger boiler.



Below two images of 30465, the last D15, on down Lymington boat trains. These could be over eleven coaches and were tightly scheduled, they were replaced by SR V Class.



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