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Dible's Wharf - a modern micro

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The Dible's Wharf project has been rumbling around since 2011 on RMweb but like so many other folk, that was brought to a forced and premature end only to resurface ironically due to RMweb's new favourite, Phil Parker, who built a micro in a sturdy storage box for a Christmas Tree. Thankfully Phil described the process in BRM and Justin of SMS offers the same laser cut baseboards that fit exactly in the 71ltr box. The box concept was the answer to my search for a layout that could be operated without the need to stand for 8 hours a day, be transported by one pensioner in steam and still retain a modicum of plausibility.

The arrival of Hornby's Peckett W4 and Dapol's B4 were unforeseen in 2011and both hold the key to the success of the project to capture a tiny corner of Southampton.

And better, fuller description of the project is here:-


However, a few images give an idea of what to expect, enjoy.





The Joiners is shown as it an iconic local landmark and the best small venue for live music in the South.



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Hi Tim

Interesting there are a few small locos available now some more reliable that others so I say go for it and more pictures please

regards John

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Reality check

Estimated Costs:- 
Really Useful 71ltr box £26.99
SMS Custom built boards made for the 71ltr box £35
Four Peco 75 turnouts + track £60
Buildings + details  £105 - Petite Properties offer excellent low relief building appropriate to St.Mary's
Lightingis Chinese-LED strip + controller £11

Control+power Roco MultiMaus System secondhand £55
Stock - your choice, one loco + five wagons

Recommended reading:-

BRM January 2018 - Phil Parker builds Didsbury Green

Yesterday, we visited the site and this is the same location as 30096 (see above) crossing Britannia Road:-


Please compare the two photos, the van is parked on the old trackbed but the gate pillars (far right) are still in place, Southampton FC stadium in the background. 


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Life has got in the way of building the layout and rather than waste precious time on Dibles Wharf, I will continue to build Beaminster Road.

All the bits will be sold at amazingly reasonable figures:-

Really Useful 71ltr box
SMS Custom built boards made for the 71ltr box 
Hornby DCC-installed Peckett R3615
Roco 10775 acessory decoder
Resin waterline barge

Offers gratefully received and immediate response







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