Tim Hale

Cheap and cheerful creamery

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Beaminster Road has acquired a small creamery to provide some operational interest.

Rather than scratchbuild, this is a quick project, can you spot the origins of the buildings?

The Commer milk tanker was chosen for its small size, typical of the early 60s.

Still lots of details but it will be unique and cheap.








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Hi Tim

Have only just seen this thread all I can say is WOW! great work.

I am guessing the creamery started as a coaling stage and water tower and or sanding facility possibly made by Ratio.

Still needs a business name, possibly a food grade stainless steel bulk milk tank? and lights.

As to one of your earlier comments no I try and avoid the like button, I see it as being lazy when I should really be saying something.

regards John

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The Airfix loco shed and water tank are the main structures, the superb chimney is a Scenecraft RTP item.

The, as yet undetailed, Commer Superpoise tanker (previous version in photo) is typical of early 60s vehicles designed for the agricultural trade rather than heavy haulage , they were quite small and the vehicle is just right for lanes in West Dorset.

Tim Hale


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