Priestfield Depot

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I have been a long term stalker of this forum and now it is time for me to contribute something myself so welcome to my shelf layout 'Priestfield Depot'.

I have taken a huge amount of inspiration from piermasters layouts 'Terminus, All Change' and 'All Cars Stop Here'.

The layout measures 117cm X 17cm and was originally an ikea cd/dvd shelf. 

This layout has been put together over the course of about 3 weeks using only bits I had laying around from my main model railway layout that never seems to get finished. 

Tram fleet currently consists of 4 peakhorse trams numbers 11,15,22 and 48 these are not motorised (yet?). I also have 2 Bachmann red Hong Kong trams, that I have added advertising to.

There is still plenty to do to finish things off but it is currently in presentable and usable (playable) condition.









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Some background to the layout.

After seeing trams on a layout at a model show I thought about adding one to my 'big layout' this led to me dismantling that layout yet again to incorporate some trams. I started to look for some inspiration and found 'terminus, all change' here. 

After reading about the Hong Kong tramways online I came up with the idea of a micro layout that I would actually get finished. After looking at what I already had in my railway room I came up with this layout and set to work.

Using a huge amount of 'modellers licence' the idea behind what you see is 'what if' London had never got rid of its trams and the tight twisting streets continued to need smaller trams rather than the new 'tramtrains' that run around Croydon. 


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