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I have been modelling Hereford's railways in N for a number of years. The vicarage loft has provided excellent space to do this. This has resulted in a growing interest in the North West Route through the Welsh Marches. Thus first blog post in  this thread relates to some of the websites I have visited while exploring the potential of the area around Hereford for modelling:
This is the first in a series of posts about the layout that I have been developing in the Vicarage loft over the past few years. The layout includes Barrscourt Station in Hereford, and the MPD in the Barton area of Hereford.
This is next post in a series about a layout representing Hereford in the UK:
I'll post more news in due course.
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The ongoing construction of the loft layout.

This next post provides a few local photos and a link to an album of relevant photos that I have created on Flickr.

I also took a whole series of photographs around the railway and the city of Hereford so that I could begin to imagine the placement of the railway in its environment. The link takes you via my blog to the google photo site:


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One of the iconic structures which was part of the station at Hereford was the platform signal box.

These pictures show the signal box from the previous post in position on the layout - just two pictures ....

The footbridge at Hereford Barrscourt Station has recently been completely rebuilt. Until then the skeleton of the old footbridge remained in place but in a much less photogenic condition than the original. The old footbridge bore some similarities to the one at Gloucester.
The image below shows the footbridge in the late 1950s


The main feature of any layout is usually the railway station. I was delighted when my father-in-law, who had his own O-Gauge layout decided to make the station building for me in N-Gauge. ..... This is the first of a series of posts about the construction of the station building:

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February 2018 update on the construction of the loft layout of Hereford Station and MPD

The card models on the layout were constructed from drawings made on 'Paint'. I have just loaded drawings of the Signal Box at the North of the Station and of the Station footbridge onto my blog. The relevant links are:


David's last but one post:

This is the final post from David about his work on the model of Hereford Station:

This is a link to a wider range of photos about the Hereford layout for the period to April 2018:

Apologies for the delay in posting the last few posts on this thread. Asv will be obvious from the last post providing a link to photographs, I thought I had posted this previous posts in April this year.

I was about to post an update for November 2018 when I realised that the earlier posts had not been added to the thread.

Progress has been very slow to non-existent. I was in my loft last week and thought a few pictures might be a good idea.

Sadly other matters have demanded my time in recent months.

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