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Bob Hughes

Going round the bend

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Hi Bob,

Layout looks good - follow the blog closely and enjoy watching the progress.

Quick question; where do you get your hanging basket liner from? All I seem to be able to get is the brown stuff. Cheers,



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Hi Chris,

My basket liner is from Handy Household in Sandbach, it is brown as supplied but I use trigger spray bottle (the type that comes with cleaning products in) and diluted poster paint to get it green.

Work around Bodjio is on hold while the glue dries on the ballast and weeds so I've diverted my attention to the other end of the garage where the line crosses the doorway to the garden.
The existing station at Cumbre has been removed, to be replaced with a new rail/ferry interchange called Lago Cumbre (Summit Lake) on the section which was previously hidden from view.
The painted mountains screen has been relocated behind the line to act as a backscene.
The water tower from Cumbre is now at Grande and the tower from there has been returned to Rio Paleta.
When originally here it cast a shadow on the backscene so its new location is on the near side of the line to prevent this.
Structure gauging at Lago Cumbre and Rio Paleta was done using the Peru Rail diesel and Fleischmann coach as these are both slightly larger than the Bachmann trains.
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