Model Bus Federation, Worksop, 20/01/18

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Don't let the organising title fool you, it wasn't all model buses!! In fact the model bus displays were outnumbered by model tramways and model railways!!

I went there to help Mark Casson out on his 'Grime Street' layout as it was it's last day with him or it went to its new owner in Southampton the day after.
Apart from Grime Street, I photographed Brian Abell's 'Valhalla Tramway Experience' and Stephen Read's 'Sandy Shore' bus display.

Grime Street 1.jpg

Buses on Grime Street and that famous cyclist!!

Grime Street 3.jpg

Looking along Grime Street

Leeds Snowplough 3.jpg

Leeds Snowplough 3 - Yes it did exist!!

Mark Casson & Grime Street 200118.jpg

Mark Casson and Grime Street

PB's bus on Grime Street.jpg

Even my rail-mounted Corgi London Transport RT bus had a farewell run along Grime Street!

Electroline Trolleybus.jpg

Large-scale model of Electroline experimental trolleybus built by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive from a Dennis Dominator in 1985 and killed off by bus deregulation in 1986, the actual bue still operates at the Trolleybus Museum @ Sandtoft.


Valhalla Tramway Experience.jpg

Brian Abell's 'Valhalla Tramway Experience'

Sandy Shore.jpg

Stephen Read's 'Sandy Shore'


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