ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

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As most of us will know, ViTrains never made the split head-code variant of the class 37s, and it's come to sudden realization in the CazRail fleet management unit that one is needed. So, they've had a look in EWS' stored loco fleet of the past, and come across a certain 37057 Viking. ''Perfect!'' said the fleet manager, so in to the workshops it came...

Yes, this thread if of the converting of a ViTrains class 37/0 from centre head-code, to a split head-code. Let the filling commence...


Here is a photo of 37057...

I do also plan to make at least another two of these, one being EWS 37042 and Colas 37099 Mearl Evans

Rather than using a Lima nose and ruining a perfectly good Lima model, I'll be using my own lima loco and making a mould of the nose.

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Project update.

The donor body arrived on the 27th October, and work begun straight away to convert it from a center head-code version to split head-code version.

The only modification I've carried out to the body is to fill the horn recesses up on the cab roofs with miliput. Then, the loco lost it's Railfreight Metals livery for a coat of grey primer, which was quickly lost for a lovely coat of EWS maroon.




Then, my attention moved to making the noses. I decided to use my Lima 37114 as a base, and using BlueStuff, a mould making tool, I created a mould of the original Lima nose,

I used miliput again to form the nose, which I plan to make 6 of(37057, 37099 and then a duplicate 37114)


I will report back with the results. 

The nose will of course be fitted out with LEDs to work with ViTrains wiring.

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On 04/11/2017 at 6:31 AM, Chris said:

Excellent. Great technique and the mound has come out nice and crisp. Super. 

Thanks chris! Second nose will be ready to come out the mould tonight after work, then will be primed ready for the lights to be drilled out ready for LEDs after being painted yellow.

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As both noses are now attached to the the body, I decided a test fit onto 37402's chassis would be a good way to prove my work, It's a snug fit, but works. All needed now is LEDs, decals and Laserglaze.


(Sorry for the p*ss-poor photo)

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Progressing steadily towards completion at CazRail's Marshfield Works, 37057 will receive the final but one supply of materials. Delivered by Claus Rail Parts, it will include decals, LEDs and a little something to finish off the loco.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Nadolig Llawen/Merry Christmas!

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Managed some progress on 37057 today whilst watching Scotland v France in the 6 nations...



Now all decal'd up, next up after the varnish dries is fit it out with windows, which will be the original for the time being, and to *possibly* steal the chassis from 37425 (which is out of traffic at the minute as it needs new decals) to get this one running. This will mean the need to wire my replacement LEDs.



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