Llyn Cefni: A section of the Amlwch Branch

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5 hours ago, matto21 said:

Do you mind me asking which brand of paint? It looks good!

Hi Matt,

It's Rust-oleum Textured paint in Desert Bisque. The bridge only had one quick coat before being painted with Revell grey paints.


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The second piece of track has been laid on the layout, laid in the same way as the other section. I have also installed dropper wires to feed the track. I've not yet ballasted, this will be an evening project for this week. I've also painted the 'railway land' in dark umber ready for scenics to begin.











I also took time to begin painting the stone abutments and wing walls of the bridge in more appropriate colour.



Some bonus content for you, DBC's 66200 on gauging trials on the branch. It fits like a glove through the bridge...







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So tonight has been productive, I've ballasted the layout, only 20% ish of it left, but I'm almost out of Ballast Bond. Also, I've wired it up, and used old Bachmann class 158 lighting connectors to link the two boards. These will be replaced by more permanent units once a third (and possibly a fourth) board is commissioned.

This allowed me to test, and it all worked. I am chuffed as hell with this.

A video will be uploaded to YouTube soon...

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Stuff ordered today are 2mm static grass mat, 6mm static grass mat, and a fresh bottle of Ballast Bond.

Hopefully some progress once delivered, some time next week.

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Stuff arrived on Tuesday,  so did some progress.

First and foremost I finished the ballasting. So with that done I cut out some 6mm static grass sheet and put some on. I'm not quite decided, it looks OK I think. Then I made a start on the banking towards the rear of the layout,  by laying another layer of polystyrene sheet which will be sanded to profile. 



the grass looks OK I suppose, but needs work, like adding a few bushes etc.

Then I decided a photo shoot would help my imagination...


Breaking new ground for the class, 67024 takes 'Amlwch Freighter' rail tour to Amlwch Octel. 


67024 leads the charter over Llyn CefnI bridge. 


While 66200 mans the rear.


An Arriva 153 takes the service train to Amlwch. It'll pass the charter in the loop at Llangwyllog.

Comments welcome, especially with the grass!


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The state of play tonight...


The back of the board built up. Static grass mat applied along the rear to represent fields/amenity grass land.


66200 leading tonight's 7D45 Ellesmere Port to Amlwch Octel Sdgs. 

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A few small jobs done this weekend. Firstly a strip of 2mm static grass was put along the back of the layout  representing fields. Any white areas was also painted in burnt umber. The only white bit has been newly filled.



I then made some wing fences for the bridge. I had originally used single sections of Hornby 4 bar post and rail fencing, but it just wasn't prototypical. So I made some put of some plastic strip.




I think these are better, having actually installed these in my job, I'm happy with them. I know they're more Network Rail era, as I'm pretty sure the bridge doesn't have these in (if it was an operational line chances are it would).

So this morning I came home from my night shift, and decided to have a play with some clear silicone sealant to create water...





We'll see how it turns out. I know they're not too clear in the photos, but if anyone has any thoughts/ideas let me know.

Thanks for reading 

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Some proper scenics done this evening,  using woodland scenics stuff. Here's what I did...





I'm rather happy to tell the truth. Static grass would improve it but that can wait. I'll do the rest tomorrow. 

Starting to debate whether it needs a backscene. ..

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Update with better photos...

Scenery on these two boards is now 90% complete, with only the little corner on the corner board now to do. Here's now it looks now...











To compare two shots of the same view of the layout, here's two shots taken around the same place 'on board a charter'...





What do you think? I'm quite happy with it, but as usual I've got some patching up to do.

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Not much progress lately due to other commitments, however 'man of a boat' has been out on the lake today to photograph the Octel tanks...


37703 running to Amlwch with two barrier wagons for a shunting excersise at Amlwch.



37174 and 37422 take a consignment of chlorine to Ellesmere Port.

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A bit of progress today, decided to ass to the layout plan by adding a section towards Llangefni to represent the 'Dingle', which is the forrest in llangefni. 

I started progress on this by begining to scratch build a lattice girder bridge, which in real life crosses a river. On my layout, itll cross a river and footpath.

Using styrene sheet cut into strips, i begun to create the sides.



Using a jig I used to assist in getting the lattice square and paralel, i worked from the centre and worked outward.




Then i made a start on the deck, using plasticard sheet. I used balsawood as strengtheners, which double as the longitudual timbers. 


I ran out of u-section for the lattice so Ill need to order some more. Once done, Ill cover the plastic sheet base with boarding or styrene strip to make decking. Then itll be a coat of primer and paint!

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Apologies for the lack of updates, my phone is playing silly buggers and keeps corrupting my photos and videos, so live feeds and photos to my Facebook page is my only option at the minute.

So the latest...

Board 3 had been partly re-landscaped, with the Llangefni end not going into a bit of a cutting ready to enter board 4.





(You can see about my technical issues in the 2nd photo!)

I've also gone on to create a model of Bridge 21 which is a lattice bridge over a river, and will also create bridge 22 which is similar in construction to bridge 23 (which I've made on the lake) albeit much shorter, less bulky and is an underbridge for a footpath.

In other news, the layout had had it's first invite to exhibit, which will be a local modelling exhibition on Anglesey in April 2019.

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This looks awesome! Really simple but so effective, the locos just sitting on the bridge look great. Just been reading through the thread and catching up. 

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Latest progress...

Bridge 22

The basic superstructure of the bridge is nearly there, I decided to completely re-start the span again, and this was the result...



37381199_1634985256598802_2894277584877518848_n.jpgA photo of the real bridge 21 for some direct comparison.

Board 4

Materials were delivered yesterday to build the rest of the boards for this layout, much much MUCH cheaper than buying laser-cut boards! Built to the same dimensiond as the Grange & Hodder product, I've made a 45* corner board...


I used the same dowel alignment system as the laser-cut boards for continuity.


Alignment of the boards tested.


The Board now has a layer of polystyrene glued on ready for the cork to go on for the track which of course will give us my alignment for the track.


The next steps will be to trim off any surplus, lay the cork, then I can begin to build up or reduce the landform around the layout.


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Some more done tonight on board 4, with the landform sanded with a palm sander, and a field grassed using sheets of static grass.

I also used two different sizes to try to create the effect of vehicles using the user-worked crossing.







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