Leigh MRS Exhibition 2 & 3 September 2017

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Leigh Model Railway Exhibition 2017

Sat 2nd September 2017 - Sun 3rd September 2017

St Joseph's Hall, Chapel Street, Leigh, Greater Manchester WN7 2DA

Opening times: SAT, SUN 10am-5pm
Admission: Adults £5.00 Concessions £5.00 

Various layouts in 0, 00 & N will be attending covering both British and continental. We also have an Australian layout attending in HO scale. Supporting trade stands and refreshments are available. Please note under 15's free when accompanied by an adult.
More details to follow presently.

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Arcadia Pennsylvania Terminal by David George. US 0 scale.
Bickersleigh Colliery by Leigh MRS. 00 scale.
Children’s Layout by Leigh MRS. 00 scale.
Daleside TMD by Fred Holt. 2mm N scale.
Grove Street Yard by Jennifer Kirk. 00 scale.
Leigh Bridge SP by Craig Holt & Phil Gower 00 scale.
Leighmoor Bois by Phil Delnon. Hornby Dublo 00 scale.
Much Snoring by Edward Farms 2mm N scale.
New Ulm, Minnesota (USA) by John Edge. H0 scale.
Ross Creek by Ian Clarke. Australian H0 scale.
Weir by Leigh MRS. N scale.


To follow.

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Astley Green Mining Museum.
Book Law Publications*
Club sales stand.
Culcheth Models.
Leigh Models & Hobbies.
Made in Manchester Models.
Peter Metcalfe.
Ron Burgess.
Robin Gibson. 

*Not yet confirmed.

Show you how.

Sherringtons refreshments.

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I am happy to announce that our 'show you how' will be manned by Dave Edwards who will be demonstrating how he models in 009 scale.

My mistake! Dave will be showing how he builds 4mm coal wagons from scratch.

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The two 'new' layouts are;
St. Miran Junction by Kevan Jones. 00 scale set west of Glasgow in the diesel era. 12' x 8'.

St. Michael's Road by Romily Methodist Railway Modellers. 12' x 6' 00 gauge representing a small steam shed on outskirts of a popular town. It has its own small allocation but other engines arrive after working excursion trains into the town. There are also occasional diesels on test.

That makes 13 layouts plus a small demonstration layout from Astley Green Mining Museum.

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Well, that was that! All the planning and preparations not to mention, hard work is all over now. I enjoyed it and I think most of the others did too. It’s too early to say how well we did but at times it was rather quieter than we would have preferred. At other times there certainly was a good “hubbub” going on. A friend of mine who is a trader, professed to have done “okay” so hopefully, we have made enough to carry on for a while yet. By all accounts though, when even large venues like Warley are relatively quiet, it does make one wonder how long shows will be able to continue in their current form.
Some ‘snaps’ I managed to take on Sunday morning;
 A lovely ‘industrial’ scene on Jenny Kirk’s “Grove Street Yard”.

Fred Holt & Brian Chawners lovely little TMD.

Edward Farms charming “Much Snoring”

Leigh MRS own N gauge “Weir”.

St. Miran Junction by Kevan Jones


David & Sue George’s “Arcadia, Pennsylvania” - lovely American 0 scale.

St. Michael's Road by Romily Methodist Railway Modellers.


The very impressive “Ross Creek” by Ian Clarke in Australian H0 scale. I really hope to see this again.

“Leighmoor Bois” by Phil Delnon. 50 or 60 year old Hornby Dublo that still works very well.


Leigh MRS own “Bickersleigh Colliery” looking atmospheric and showing that ‘Sentinel’s are rather popular!


Finally your’s truly own “New Ulm”, American H0 in the prairies.


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