Carl's Train Automation

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I'm a software developer creating a control system from scratch to power an ambitious huge OO layout in a converted barn.  I've been working on it a couple of months and I've achieved 11 locos running at once while I sit back with my arms folded.  Each train plans a route, sets points and reports it's location, interacting with the other trains and obeying blocks and locks.  It's pretty damn reliable with only a very occasional fault - and its getting better each time i run it.  I've still got a long way to go, but results so far are pleasing!   Trains are all DCC/Sound and sounds are automatically played (for example doors closing, guards whistle, and horns into tunnels).

I've just started writing a blog about this, it makes sense to share what i've learned so far.  Please take a look, and i'd love to hear some feedback.  I'll be adding more and more content as things progress.

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