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David Hennessey

Robot Wars (March 2017)

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*Roboteers, stand by... 3... 2... 1... Activate!*


Yes, it's the second series of the all-new Robot Wars, and what a way to start proceedings!

Kicking off last Sunday (5th March) on BBC2, the new series seems to have had a little bit of tinkering with since we last saw the show in August. Example being, in the arena when you hit the 'tyre', it has a choice of either releasing the dreaded 'pit', or allowing a house robot to come out of it's zone to do battle for a limited amount of time. Other than that, still good to see the arena at it's finest and often deadliest...

And so to the competing robots. Nuts 2 was of course slung out of the arena in the first group battle by Matilda (goes to show you don't want to mess with her!). Jellyfish was a bizarre one; tough talk, but not quite enough sting in it's tail. Fair play though; they had a rare chance to get back into the game during the group battle stages, but alas not quite powerful enough to make it to the final.


Crank-E was, as per the first time, knocked out in the group battles; a new robot which looked like it could pack a punch with it's vertical spinner, but ultimately proving itself to be quite vulnerable to attack. The Dutch effort TMHWK did quite well in the group stages, but took a right hammering to it's outer shell.


Terrorhurtz looked intimidating with it's big axe, but problems with steering and activating it's weapon dogged their progress. And Rapid? Well, for the fact that it's the most expensive competitor to date, it did look to be quite a beast to be reckoned with at first. But ultimately, problems with repair work after sustaining great damage, meant they had to retire early from the competition.

Which leaves us with Aftershock. What a contraption; knocking out anything that stood in it's path, and sailing through the battle stages with tremendous ease. Although it's early days, Aftershock already seems to be a contender worthy of the 2017 Robot Wars crown.

So what will the next episode bring? We'll find out soon enough... For now, thoughts and comments welcomed.


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