Can we bring back TPOTM?

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Hi All, 

Could we bring back the TPOTM competition but do it just as a general photo theme? So rather than the obscure ones which people found difficult then just do an enter what you like as long as it is a railway photo?




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Perhaps a theme but a broad one?

I know one of the themes was 'by a church' which really limits the entries. Nowhere near me has that shot possible so thats an entry out.

If we insisted on images being of a certain image quality and size (as before) then it would keep standards high?

If we did a theme of charters, freight and test trains and passenger (inc ECS/stock moves) how would that go down?


24100488179_8d3ece8463_h.jpg60103 Flying Scotsman - Sommerseat by Swifty's Rail Pics, on Flickr


29182640691_54c221cc94_h.jpg68018 68021 - 4S43 - Moore by Swifty's Rail Pics, on Flickr

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