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BR MK2 Identification


Hi all,

With the superior knowledge is there a surefire way to find the type of MK2 by coach numbers?

From that, which Hornby models are most accurate? For a future project I want to model both Greater Anglia short sets, so want to keep an eye o7t for cheap mk2s I can try and repaint. 




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Wikipedia has this list:

mark type quantity original numbers
mk.2 Pullman Kitchen First (PK) 8 500–507
mk.2 Pullman Parlour First (PC) 14 540–553
mk.2 Pullman Brake First (PB) 7 580–586
mk.2C Open First (FO) 18 3152–3169
mk.2D Open First (FO) 47 3170–3216
mk.2E Open First (FO) 55 3221–3275
mk.2F Open First (FO) 164 3276–3439
mk.2 Tourist Open Second (TSO) 59 5070–5228
mk.2 Open Second (SO) 28 5229–5256
mk.2A Tourist Open Second (TSO) 177 5257–5433
mk.2B Tourist Open Second (TSO) 64 5434–5497
mk.2C Tourist Open Second (TSO) 118 5498–5615
mk.2D Tourist Open Second (TSO) 128 5616–5743
mk.2E Tourist Open Second (TSO) 160 5744–5804, 5809–5907
mk.2F Tourist Open Second (TSO) 277 5908–6184
mk.2 Open Brake Second (BSO) 36 9381–9416
mk.2A Open Brake Second (BSO) 22 9417–9438
mk.2C Open Brake Second (BSO) 40 9439–9478
mk.2D Open Brake Second (BSO) 17 9479–9495
mk.2E Open Brake Second (BSO) 14 9496–9509
mk.2F Open Brake Second (BSO) 30 9510–9539
mk.2 Corridor First (FK) 71 13252, 13361–13406, 13410–13433
mk.2A Corridor First (FK) 42 13434–13475
mk.2B Corridor First (FK) 38 13476–13513
mk.2C Corridor First (FK) 48 13514–13561
mk.2D Corridor First (FK) 49 13562–13610
mk.2 Corridor Brake First (BFK) 28 14028–14055
mk.2A Corridor Brake First (BFK) 48 14056–14103
mk.2B Corridor Brake First (BFK) 9 14104–14112
mk.2C Corridor Brake First (BFK) 26 14113–14138
mk.2D Corridor Brake First (BFK) 34


ABRail also has a list of all loco hauled coaching stock here.

The GA DRS sets are formed mostly of Mk2F coaches, but DRS also have the odd Mk2E coach. Bachmann are in the process of doing the Mk2F coach but until then, Hornby's Mk2E will be good enough for you if that's what you want.

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Super thanks Jack. Tried looking on wiki think I need to go to SpecSavers!

Thought Hornby would be the best on a budget. Next question... there seems to be 2 roof variations on Hornby MK2Es (here & here) is this prototypical or artistic license?




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