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After a two week period which has been consumed by a wedding (2 weeks ago today already, wow!) and a honeymoon, today I decided to do a little bit of modelling. 

In the 'box of stuff' in the loft was a Railroad LNER closed van that I'd repainted a while ago and then forgotten about. So, using some spare water slide transfers from a Ratio GWR Toad, I decided to label it. 

Nothing too taxing, a simple job, the only issue being that, to avoid the van having a brake van number I decided to turn the number upside down. Accurate? No. Does a job? Yes. It's now been varnished and is currently drying. 

I enjoy working on stock and there are a few other wagons I've got that I want to make amendments to. Yes, Arley is my (very) long term project, but perhaps I should finally build an inglenook?

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I recently dipped my toes into the transfer market and swapped my Hornby Sentinel, Clara, for an outside crank variety. I’ve long wanted to model Betty, based at Rocks by Rail, and when I was offered a straight swap I jumped at the chance.

It was a Wabtec liveried beast but, no problem there. Once it arrived it was soon stripped and is currently sat in the state you see above: primed and ready for the crimson.

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The past week has seen me get a bit of time, here and there, on the Sentinel. Its coming along pretty well, and is now resplendant in the maroon/crimson of the Living Ironstone Museum’s very own Sentinel fleet.

This is destined to become Betty, therefore I’ve acquired the transfers from Railtec (stunning service, satisfied customer etc) and need to place the order for nameplates with Narrow Planet. Currently I’m undecided on the glazing. It’s a bit ‘bottom of a beer glass’ using the Hornby inserts, but am unsure whether I want to splash out of the Shaw plan lazer glaze.

There is a few bits that require tweaking – and I’m dreading adding the yellow on the front and back grills – but I’m pleased with how it’s come along so far.

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Thanks class 66.


So, here's an update on the Sentinel. It's painted and I've lined both sides higher up. The yellow ends weren't as bad as I thought, using a cocktail stick to place the paint on worked well.

Still lots to do and the above is just plonked in place. It's getting there, though.

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