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Vitrains class 37/47: Smoother operation?


Good evening all,

I have a sizable fleet of ViTrains locomotives, and I want to see if I can improve the operation of them. Many will know Vi stuff isn't the smoothest at higher speeds, although they're very good at slow speeds. From where I stand, there are 3 ways on going about this.

  • Change the PCB. (I have tried this, it does improve control, but not much else)
  • Change the motor
  • Change/improve the gear train.

Anyone able to help? 


Thanks in advance.

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Hello Caz,

I'd never heard of ViTrains until this post and Googled them and I see complaints about sprue bits sticking out of them, they are though inexpensive. A needle file and some W&D paper will soon sort that out.

Hooray! About time too!! I hope they sell 1,000's. It's about time a manufacturer made something within reach of people with a limited budget.

Cheers - Jim

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Cheers lads.

I've installed a Hornby class 60 PCB in my 37419, and doesn't seem to have made too much difference, and taking the gear towers apart on them is a pest of a job. I'll have to try Jim's idea, and hope that does the trick.

Thanks for your input guys.

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