Forum Update (8/6/2015)

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Hello there everyone!


Welcome to our upgraded forum software, as you will notice, it's quite different.

This latest version of our forum software brings a cleaner, more elegant look, while all the same features remain. This post outlines the general changes in the forum software:


Firstly, you may of been logged out during the update this evening. You will need to sign in with your Display Name. If you have had your name changed on the forums at any point, your display name is the one displayed when posting. For example, my name changed from "F1p" to "Philip". I now need to sign in as "Philip".

Of course there may be some teething problems as usual with a large update. Slow performance is expected in the first two-three days as background processing continues for hours after the upgrade. We are actively checking features, but please report any problem you find in the following topic:


All features & function remain in this new version, but may be found somewhere different. All your data, Private Messages etc. should remain the same.


If you are having a problem, either post below or use the "Contact Us" at the bottom (for example with logging-in problems).

Hope you enjoy!



Edited by Philip

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