Terminus, All Change!

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All five cars of the fleet in action following some modifications:


Deutsche Post Tram 9 with crew added in each cab and trolley pole replaced by a Sommerfeldt lyre (bow) collector. (Hobbytrain).


Salzburg Works Car M41 with two hi-vis crew added, this and the two Hong Kong cars are the smoothest and the quietest running of the entire fleet. (Halling).


Hong Kong 56 with crew and lower deck passengers added. (Bachmann China).


Hong Kong/Birkenhead 69 with crew and passengers added at the terminus. (Bachmann).

Almost ready for its first 2016 show on 12 March at Sawbridgeworth.

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A busy day out today (12/03/16) with 'Terminus - All Change!!' at the Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall Model Railway Exhibition, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. I had all six trams with me and they all worked a treat, but I forgot my road vehicles so I went up-market and bought an Oxford Humber Hawk! 69%20and%20Humber%20Hawk%20120316_zpscid


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Final adjustments/modifications/repairs on my OO/HO 'Terminus, All Change!!' microlayout before departing to the Festival of Model Tramways at the Manchester Museum of Transport, Boyle Street, Manchester M8 8UW on Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd July. I'm bringing six cars this time and all are now good runners. 

Car 4 130416.jpg

Yes it is a Bachmann San Francisco Cable Car, but not as we normally know it! The body is from the Readers Digest (US) twin pack of dummy cable and Brill cars, mounted on a standard Bachmann SF Cable Car chassis. 

Deutsche Post Car 9 260616.jpg

Hobbytrain Deutsche Post Car 9 now with the pantograph from my Kato 4wh car. 

Car M41 130116_2.jpg

Halling Salzburg Works Car M41 desperately seeking a wagon! I might get one at the show.

Car 56 260616.jpg
Bachmann Hong Kong 56 as straight out of the box. 

Car 69 at Terminus 130116.jpg

Bachmann HK/Birkenhead 69 at the museum street terminus shelter.

Essen 634 260616 1.jpg

Most tram modellers do 'fantasy trams' here's my subtle contribution - Kato Trailer body on motor chassis masquerading as an 'alternative traction' car, I just haven't decided what the alternative traction should be!


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Saturday 02/07 was very busy at the Festival of Model Tramways at the Manchester Museum of Transport. 'Terminus, All Change!!' and I worked our socks off all day!! 

M41 and trailer 020716.jpg

The Salzburg works car now has a wagon:

The evening was spent at Heaton Park Tramway:

Manchester Tram.jpg

Manchester Tram 173 decorated as a WW1 Pals Battalion Recruiting Car as a tribute to Somme 100.

Manchester 765.jpg

Manchester 'California' Car 765 also decorated as a recruiting car for Manchester Pals as a tribute for Somme 100.


Hull 96 1.jpg

Hull 96.

Now getting ready for Day 2 today!!

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After two days of short, slow and intense running at Manchester I gave some of my fleet a good thrash around Stowmarket Railway Club's test track! Here is the Halling Works Unit now with a ballast load in the trailer.

Soon be time to get the weathering powders out.

Works Unit SRC.jpg


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New photos taken today in the sun:

Deutsche Post Car 9 220716 (1280x943).jpg

Hobbytrain Deutsche Post Tram 9.

Works Unit 220716 (1280x888).jpg

Halling Salzburg Works Car M.41 and Trailer Gbw 348.

Hong Kong 56 220716 (1280x943).jpg

Bachmann Hong Kong Tram 56.

Birkenhead 59 220716 (1280x959).jpg

Bachmann Hong Kong built Birkenhead Tram 69.

These four trams are the main workers on Terminus - All Change!!! and are guaranteed to be in service at any exhibition this layout is at.


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Feeling a bit under par today so to keep my mind off aches from some hard exhibiting at Southwold show I did a simple but rewarding task on my two best passenger trams today.

Bought a pack of Bachmann 'OO' Seated Coach Passengers yesterday at Southwold and populated the upper decks of cars 56 and 69.

Short, Simple and Rewarding!!



56 and 69 070816.jpg



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Thanks Jack,

Even though you saw over 20 tram layouts at Manchester last month, Only about 6 of them do regular exhibition circuits which makes tram layouts a rarity at shows and yet very popular amongst the punters. Yesterday (06/08) I assisted Mark Casson with his famous 'Grime Street' at the Southwold exhibition and because of minor technical problems, we had two Leeds works cars running for most of the day as well as the crowd-pulling cyclist cycling round the block non-stop!! 

With my 'Terminus- All Change!!!' I use my best four cars for one day shows, these being the Bachmann Hong Kong and Birkenhead cars, German Postal Tram, and Salzburg Works Car with wagon. They will just keep on going and going!! In fact both Mark and I have long exhibition diaries ahead of us, I'm booked to February 2018!! 

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