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68005 worked 4H47 Mossend - Inverness yesterday which is the first Class 68 to work a revenue earning train in Scotland and I filmed it at 0545 in the morning



And then I filmed it again this time returning back to Mossend



Also managed to get a picture as the light was better


14591826667_b0f7d33aa2_z.jpg68005 4D47, Greenfoot LC 29/7/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr


And I filmed it once again today on 4D47, this time at Bannockburn and unlike the first 2 the LED headlights on the 68 decided to confuse the camera slightly which they seem to be doing to a lot of others



Meanwhile my other camera was unaffected by this so I got a picture as well


14601962807_32b4c5e0c1_z.jpg68005 4D47, Bannockburn Station Road 30/7/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr

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cant wait to see the Chiltern Railways one's they look much smarter than the DRS ones really look like an executive loco

I like both the liveries and also the look and sound of the 68, definately prefer them to the 66's

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