Bachmann '00' Railtrack Windoff MPV

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Bachmann '00' Railtrack Windoff MPV




MPV No. DR 98980 seen on the Stevenage and District Model railway layout.


What caught my eye:


What can I say really! I am sure that many modellers got a surprise when Bachmann announced the release of the MPV, because I certainly did. I have been after one now for some time, and finally managed to pick one up cheap at the London Model Engineering Exhibition.


What caught my eye though was the fact that it was unusual and that it is excellently modelled and is detailed superbly. Every module is well modelled and detailed and the livery makes it a rather good looking model. It is nice to see something other than your regular passenger stock.




Simply a great runner I think! Good slow running speeds and very easily controllable. It can run at faster speeds, but it is more of a pain to keep control off. It has a very flat motor sitting under one of the modules, which unfortunately means you need to run it with at least one module on the loco. it is however a very smooth and quiet motor.


 The weight it sufficient enough to give it good traction, but as I understand you can replace the wheels for those that have traction tyres onboard. It is more than capable of pulling the other half of the loco.




Another one of Bachmann's very finely modelled locos that indeed, does require care when handling it! The thin hand rails are made of plastic and are quite flexible, but you still don't want to be poking your figures around them. I had trouble getting the modules to fit on the base of the train, and I found that if you pick the loco up carelessly when they are not properly fitted down, they may fall off. They do require a bit more force to fit them than you think.


Once again though, Bachmann have fitted a special coupler to the train. A copper plated coupler joins the two parts of the train together, but much like Bachmann's class 350, it is difficult to coupler and uncouple, even more so when you receive a model without the uncoupler


I haven't really tried to dismantle the loco, but to get access to the chip and the majority of the motor, you simply remove one of the modules from the powered half of the unit, which is relatively easy and simple.




Slightly disappointed on this side of things if I am brutally honest, and here are my reasons why;

-        As well made model that it is, it does not have in cab lighting. This isn't such a problem for me as I run DC anyway, but if/when I get it chipped, it would have looked rather nice with cab lighting.

-        I don't like the way you need to have a least one module on the train, otherwise the motor and the chip show, but I understand that it is impossible to place the motor anywhere else on the train.

-        Although the model was released 2008/2009, I have yet to see anyone that does different modules for the model. I understand that the one fitted is the Rail Head Treatment modules and it would be nice if you could buy the weed killing modules, so you can alternate between the two.

-        I understand that the locos were designed to haul containers in freight yards. This is difficult to simulate with this model because the coupler between the two locos is not a standard 'NEM' coupling. You could adapt the coupler on the containers, but you may need to run wire through the train so you don't need to buy another chip, but that is some serious work to do.


However, all bad points aside the paint work that has been applied to the model is good, and represents the loco very well. The detailing is just outstanding, ever hand rail, every warning sticker is well applied and securely fixed. The loco is DCC ready, and simply awaits a 21 pin chip, and it will be ready run DCC.    




I bought the loco as a returned 'Seen as Sold' product from Bachmann. Although I got it for a really good price (£65), the detailing, uncoupler and the traction tyre axel were not in the box, but after sending an email explaining to Bachmann I did receive the missing parts. However, my reply hinted at the fact that because it was a returned stock item, normally they would not replace parts, however on this occasion they did.




-        Well modelled

-        Excellent runner

-        Good finish/livery

-        Bright directional lighting

-        An unusual but well modelled model



-        Difficult to couple

-        No cab lighting

-        Modules are difficult to fit

-        Always need one module to hide motor

-        Can't get different modules

-        Can't put wagons/containers between the loco because of complex couplers


I would like to give the model a high rating, but because of the cons listed, I can only really give it a 8/10. It could be better in many ways, but it is a difficult model to create, but I am glad I have it finally and I am still very pleased with it.




MPV No. DR 98980 seen on the Stevenage and District Model railway layout.

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