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Hi All


This a thread for all types of locomotive [diesel or steam] being transported


Below is a photo back in August 2009 of a steam appeal sitting on a road trailer, it was there over a long weekend and needed to raise the £1,342,177.27 to get it back on the rails running under her own stream.








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Thanks Guys, going through my achieves couldn't find an appropriate place to put them in, so ended up creating this thread for all trains on the Move,


I have seen loads over my time, and I have either got no camera on me, to which I now keep it on me 24/7 in the car or it been going the other way on a dual carriageway.  If I can I'll normally turn round and catch it up but sometimes under police escort and it a lot harder o take photos if you are alone diving but only because of the police more so, I now have a knack of taking photos upside down as its easier to press the button on a DSLR anyway.




Motorway services is another good place to catch these type of things, I have a few more to upload. 

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