Scratch Building Yard Lights

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Here is a quick video on how to scratch build yard lights and how to disguise the wiring as electrical wires between poles. These are built with:

  • Wooden BBQ skewer (these usually come in a pack of 100 for about $1 or $2 here in the USA)
  • Flat Brown Model Paint
  • Flat Steel Model Paint
  • 2mm LEDs clear (recommend yellow LED with clear casing)
  • 22 or 24 AWG solid core wire (solid core is important as it makes it easier to shape the wire to look like real power lines)
  • Fast curing Epoxy (you'll need this to stick the poles to the baseboard - or drill a hole in the baseboard for the poles and PVA them)

You can see the end results:


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i think you could have tensioned the wire, so that it hung more naturally, but I am impressed :)


wrapping it around a large round biscuit tin or such.....???

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Thanks... so that is the trade off between solid-core (more rigid) and multi-strand (more flexible) wire. Tensioning it around a tin would work for the multi-strand wire, but the solid-core wire I ended up using is more rigid and easier to shape. I probably should take another go at making it "hang" a little more naturally. Might be less annoying if I have a few beers first!!  :D

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