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I noticed this tonight, anyone got any idea how it works? Looking at 35-600 on eHattons, it looks like it is equipped with Soundtraxx. 
However working sound on DC is an interesting twist... 

Bachmann Europe Plc has today announced that it is introducing a new range of Economy Sound locomotives. 

Using newly introduced technology, the sound system uses the conventional 21PIN DCC socket. 

Five locomotives are to receive the Economy Sound package initially and these are: 

35-600 Class 20 diesel (RRP £143)

35-625 Class 37 diesel (RRP £148.85)

35-650 45xx 2-6-2T (RRP £143)

35-675 57xx Pannier Tank (RRP £132)

35-700 BR 5MT 4-6-0 (RRP £181) 

The new sound system can be used on both DCC (Digital Command Control) and DC analogue systems, giving Bachmann OO scale DC users a sound option for the first time. 

David Haarhaus, Bachmann's European Sales & Marketing Manager said "we are delighted to introduce a new quality sound system which has all the benefits of earlier systems but is now much more economical to produce. We can now pass those savings on to our customers. We are sure these are going to be popular with many DCC and DC analogue users over the coming years". 


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The latest bit of news I've come across on these is that in DC operation it will only make the loco "running" sound and not any other sounds. The big question is will the sound be tied to the speed of the loco, or will it be just a generic sound, in which case it'll probably be a little lame. I'm planning on picking up at least two of these locos though when they come out, so check out the YouTube channel. 


I've too many locos to go DCC, so worse case I'll have to do some DIY innovation  :D

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