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UPDATE 26/05/2018:

Can't wait to get the overtime in soon! I've been a bad boy again. A spell of 7 days where 2 bargains have cropped up. Couldn't resist!

First up, Bachmann limited edition 37/4, more importantly 37425 'Pride of the Valleys / Balchder y Cymoedd' in large logo as it was in its final years with EWS and later DB before being transferred to DRS who put it in the house colours. Model came pre-weathered and was immaculate otherwise.

Secondly, and still available if you're quick, Kernow Model Centre is shifting their stock of Hornby Class 60s in the silver DB 'Drax' livery. For a steal of £90, it was another deal too hard to miss. Especially considering even 2nd hand tugs go for a few quid.

Right, to the photos!



WhatsApp Image 2018-05-26 at 14.57.19.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-26 at 14.57.20.jpeg

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UPDATE 01/12/2018:

If anyone would like to let me know where time has gone, please write your answers on a postcard. How it's December already I do not know?!

Anyway, the wallet has suffered even more this year and unfortunately as it's easy to get rest day work on the iron road, I've made some 'oops' purchases. Let's not beat around the bush, and start the list

  • 08822 First Group (Hornby) - second hand
  • 08907 DB (Bachmann) - Rails of Sheffield clearout sale
  • 37099 Colas Railfreight (Bachmann) - Hattons wishlist
  • 37429 Regional Railways (Bachmann) - second hand
  • 57603 GWR sleeper (Bachmann, third party sound) - second hand
  • 67004 Caledonian Sleeper (Hornby, TTS sound) - second hand
  • 68006 ScotRail (Dapol) - Hattons 'Sale of the Century'
  • 150236 Arriva Trains Wales (Bachmann) - new, but without chassis (chassis purchased separately)
  • 5x FGW sleeper Mk3 coaches (Hornby) - second hand
  • 1x FGW sleeper buffet Mk3 coach (Hornby) - second hand, pro respray

So yeah, the list is quite vast I'm afraid. Some of the items were merely 'ohhh that's a very good deal and I may have a use for that'. Some were things that ended up on my wishlist and have since been released or an opportunity arose to get one at a good price. Others have no excuse but I have no regrets. A perfect example of this is when I purchased the First 08 and Caledonian 67. The seller offered me 3 unused FGW sleeper carriages for a very reasonable price, considering they are going for mega ching on eBay. I said yes, thinking I can sell them on and make a bit of a profit. What did I do? I saw someone selling a GWR sound 57, two more sleepers and a custom respray (very good too) buffet coach. That's pretty much a 'complete' small sleeper rake! So yes, I got my wallet out...

Do I need everything? No, of course not. After all, they're only toy trains ;) (;

Since the last update, I've also bought a house on the outskirts of York which, rather annoyingly, comes with a decently sized loft that has no crossbeams. This means there's plenty of space for a layout! Poor wallet...

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UPDATE 21/08/2019:

Well in traditional fashion, I've been very quiet both on the forums and in the hobby. The good news I'm not far off starting designing and building my new loft layout which will sit in the roofspace above my house which I bought in September last year. Depending on the height I build it at, I could get as much as 18x14ft or there abouts. I'll see how things pan out.... In the meantime, I've been building up the stock for the layout and the new additions so far this year sit at:

  • 43048 East Midlands Trains (Hornby) - TTS sound fitted but sound files are MTU which aren't correct for EMT
  • 43055 East Midlands Trains (Hornby) - TTS sound fitted but sound files are MTU which aren't correct for EMT
  • 43285 CrossCountry (Hornby) - To gain TTS sound from EMT powercars
  • 43321 CrossCountry (Hornby) - To gain TTS sound from EMT powercars
  • 143607 Arriva Trains Wales (RealTrack) - Legomanbiffo sound fitted, along with pro repaint into newer ATW livery. Requires transfers to be purchased and unit reassembled
  • 153368 Great Western Railway (Hornby)
  • 373005/06 Eurostar (Kato - N gauge) - One of them random 'because I want to' purchases during a sale at Hattons
  • 6x East Midlands Mk3s (Hornby) - Full rake to be obtained. A TSO requires a repaint job on one side owing to previous owner's actions
  • 3x Network Rail RHTT FEA-Fs (Hattons)
  • 5x ScotRail Saltire Mk2Fs (Hornby)


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Hi Jack this is a great thread, you have an interesting variety of locomotives. I hope your loft layout build goes to plan and it will be nice to see some pictures of your build progress.

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