Home Layout (Modern image) Freight Loco"s.....

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Thought it was time for me to make progress thread on my "home layout".

Ive had this layout for many years!! and along the way,its got bigger and bigger.

The layout now has its own room in the house ;)

Its all 1990"s traction to modern day traction,and lots of scenery too.

The layout is 8ft long,one end is 5ft wide,and the other end is

7ft wide,with the extra sidings.

Here are few pictures so far...







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Very nice,when you said lots of scenery your not kidding,l love the town in the middle. Can I ask how do you reach the back of the layout that's against the wall, and do you have track plan or overall photo.


Its bit "tricky" getting to the back wall sometimes ;)

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really love the level of detail, especially all the signs shown on them new pictures...


More please :P

Ive been making all my own signs on the pc,and making the backing boards and posts too...... :) signs just make it that much realer...

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Ive also been buying the bachmann 37514"s from Hattons(cheap) and started another 37 project.

I want split head code two tone grey 37 in RFD livery.

So ive re shaped the 37/5 grills on the body for the smaller 37/0 grils,added rust effects and patches of primer.



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