Introduction to Elevated Track using Hornby R909

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Best instructions for these put wallet back in pocket don't purchase them to begin with.

Try that with a seven coach HST or 8 coach (Modern) locomotive hauled train I think that will have fun trying to get up that slope.

They have a horrendous grade that many modern locomotives with a reasonable train just can't cope with due to lack of steel rails and magnadehsion. that design used to be a pinkish brick color back in the 1960's these really are a train set item and a very old and well past there use by date design.

They rise something like 1" in 15" far to steep for non magnadehsion and steel rails and you need the additional side walls etc to hold them and the track together.

The recommendation for the steepest model railway grade is something more like 3/8" in 12" a very big difference.

If you must use a commercial grade making product instead of making it yourself  out of wood as part of the base board construction, the woodland scenics grade track base is a better bet not that I personalty would us that either

The best use for incline piers I have seen was a load of the more modern looking Hornby high piers used to hold up an entertainment pier built by a certain member of this parish :D but they are all the same height no grade.

regards John

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