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December 2012 TPOTM Entries - 'Winter'

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Hey all.

I am restarting the Transport Photo of the Month as an end-of-year special. I'm not sure whether I will run it into 2013 as well, but we shall see.

Since it's the festive time of year, and the weather has dropped, it seems only appropriate to have the final theme as this...

Theme for this month...


I had thought about leaving this an open theme, but as it's winter and nearly Christmas, why not have something a bit more fun, ay?

Snow, Christmas, cold, early night fall, etc. There's many many things you cold fit in here ;)

As with the MPotM competition, entries close mid-night on the 1st of January

Yes, first of January. The reason for this is to allow people who may be on holiday and such. Plus, I'll be out new years and sleeping all day on the 1st more than likely :P

This also allows for people to enter photos they have have taken on new years eve. So you don't miss out at the last minute ;)

Good luck and have fun!

Remember, photos that are enter can have been taken at ANY TIME in this competition. They must fit in with the theme however.

So if any of our more mature members have a photo of the old British Rail in the snow, they would be able to enter that without problem, for example.

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Good job I just looked on here. I didn't know that this competition has started up again!

Going to have to find a photo now :P

I managed to find one.


Here we see A Network Rail Plasser & Theurer 09-3X-RT Tamper sitting in a siding at Peterborough.

Daniel Morris

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