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Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

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30119 was specially reserved for working royal trains - a unique position for a pre-Grouping engine.  When not in such service it worked from Dorchester shed where it is seen here about 1948 still in malachite green but with its BR numbering and lettering. As Beaminster Road's passenger locos reflect those allocated to 71C Dorchester shed, 30119 is rather appropriate.

The end came when 30119 was relieved of her duties during the 1952 Royal visit to Lee-on-the-Solent when 34011 Tavistock hauled Pullmans - Minerva, Isle of Thanet, Aries, Orion and Phoenix (for the Queen) The Hornby model merely needs a wash of dirty water to tone down the rather verdant green.

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A couple of years ago, I 'discovered' the pleasure of laser-cut card buildings with really well designed kits from Stangel and Josswood but these were German outline, now I am modelling the Southern Region in the West of England.


Petite Properties have a good reputation for really nice laser-cut kits in MDF, they are very accurately cut and robust, I bought a couple.

This is the start of Washtub Cottage, rather typical of a small rural dwelling in West Dorset.


The outer finish is Stangel Acrylmasse, two coats were needed, the window sills are painted in white artist's acrylic and the natural wood colour is Rowney diluted Sepia Dye. 
The roof of the main building and porch is Redutex 076PC121 weathered tiles
The homemade ridge tiles will be folded and textured card but at the moment I am making some rainwater drainage from bits of brass. After that, it will need considerable amounts of weathering.

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Hi Tim

That does look nice.

Am I right in thinking the back slope is longer or is that just a trick of the picture?

Don't overdo the weathering also needs a really nice garden to go with it. :D

regards John

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This link may explain a bit more....

The Petite Properties kit is fairly basic but it is robust, all the pieces fit and every example is utterly unique.

Some folk do some amazing things with a covering of air drying clay which they scribe to look like rough stone.

My favourite method is a render coat of cheapo ready-mixed decorator's filler,  spread it on like butter, let it dry for 24hrs and sand it until smooth,  then apply a thin wash of water colour. 

The picture below is not my work, it is a bit too rough but you get the idea of what you can achieve...



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Loco building - old skool

This is lost in this box-opening world but some modellers still build stuff.

This is how it looked when it arrived

Right old dog

and this is where it is going except it will be BR 30548


Or rather where it should go except it needs a fair amount of re-working.

A new chassis and tender (the latter is a Bachmann N Class), the etched chassis is from SEF and a High Level motordrive


It will need to be stripped and dipped


and upgraded


It should be ready in a few months....










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