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RPOTM - Regulations (Obsolete from April 2012)

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Each month, you can put any of YOUR real train shots, whether they are local to you, somewhere far away, as long as it was taken in the month of the current competition - eg. photos for the June 2010 competition must be taken during June 2010, and the same through out the year.

Any member can take part, both old and young, good or bad, you can enter only ONE photo per month. You can change your entry as many times as you like, but the deadline for each month is the last day of the month. However, the winner(s) of the previous POTM are NOT allowed to enter... this rule is introduced to allow other members to have a chance at winning.

Overly Photoshopped images will not be accepted into the competition.

Please, when entering a photo, include details of who operates the train, and the class of it as well.

The poll will then open for the first 7 days of the new month (eg. the closing date for the June 2010 competition will close on June 30th, and the poll will be open from July 1st to July 7th).

I hope you enjoy the competition and good luck.

Rules update by Geo Ghost - September 2011:

We're updating the rules slightly with safety information and some basic limitations to photos.

1- You may only enter ONE photo each month. However, you are permitted to change your entry as many times as you like up until the end of the month when entries close.

2- The photo must be taken by you, only you and nothing but you. It must be taken within that month of the competition as well. So if we see a snow photo in the height of summer, we'll start asking questions :P

3- Photoshopped images are not accepted. However, basic colour correction (such as Black and White, Sepia, Contrast or colour enrichment) is permitted providing it is not over the top.

4- Watermarks are permitted if you are linking from your own website. just make sure they don't spoil the image ;)

5- If you won last months competition, you will not be allowed to enter the following one. This is to make it fairer and give others a chance to shine.

6- All photos must be at least 640x480 or higher in size. No exceptions for anything lower. I cannot stress this enough - PLEASE upload the highest resolution you can. 800x600 is what we'd prefer as the bare minimum. Anything lower makes it difficult to use and see. The bigger the better! The vast majority of Cameras these days are 5 mega-pixel or higher so this shouldn't be a problem.

7- Snap-shots from video footage are NOT allowed. These are not photos and are usually very poor quality (as well as below 800x600 if recording on SD/DV-PAL). If you have a professional HD Broadcast quality camera that takes perfect images from video frames, we might reconsider - but it's unlikely anyone will have such.

8- Please feel free to add a little bit of info about your photo! Where it was taken, what it is of etc.

9- And finally the most important one - Be aware and be safe! Everyone please read below.

Although this is pretty obvious information, it's still something which should be added to the rules generally.

When taking photos, PLEASE abide by the safety regulations and laws of the railways.

These include:

-Do NOT trespass on the railways - No matter how good you think your photo is.

-Do NOT use the 'flash' on a camera as stated by all TOC's.

-Do NOT photograph in areas where it may pose a danger to you or anyone else.

-Do NOT obstruct signalling or security equipment.

-Always be fully aware of your surroundings both for your own safety and others. Note and report any suspicious activity or behaviour.

For more information, see your local TOC's website or go here for National Rail's guidelines.

By entering the competition, you automatically agree to the above rules. Any breach of any of the rules (or law) will result in the user being advised to change the photo, their image being removed or being banned from that months competition depending on what you have done. (e.g, if you've been trespassing on the railway for a good picture, you will be banned from the competition immediately.)

If however you believe your photo mistakenly looks like it breaches a rule from the angle or if you have permission to photograph in a yard, please let us know when you enter it :)

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Dear Javelin395.

Just to clarify with the photoshopping rule, are photos permitted to be colour-corrected/graded? (I.e modified for black&white, sepia, high-contrast etc).

Also, are photos with small watermarks in the corner allowed?

Kind regards,

-Geo Ghost

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