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Right, October 27th, the day both 37057 and PAB hoppers projects will begin!

Tools, materials, kits, and 37 body ordered. A start has been made to mould a split head-code nose from a Lima one. All systems are go!


It's great to have a trio of projects to do!


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The PAB project is progressing well...

12103 is currently progressing steady.

12111 is not far behind. 

12106 and 12107 will be the next through.

Need to buy: suspension units, romford bearings, primer, black paint, decals.

37057 re-instatement project 

At experimental stage of creating the nose mould. Body stripped of windows and fan assembly. Next job is to get rid of decals and any lining/numbering/other printed detail. It will then have its horn recesses filled, and then primed. Once sorted, it will receive Ews red, which will make the bodyshell ready to accept the nose ends.


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Wagons Roll!!

Pretty glad to report progress on the PAB Covhops! Finally I've managed to sufficiently straighten the chassis of one of the wagons, and have fitted wheels and Symoba NEM coupler system!

I've tested it in my rake of HEA coal hoppers using my GBRf 66720. Ive taken photos and a video to show its running qualities.





Obviously, Ive learnt a few lessons from these wagons, and I will take more time with the second batch. This wagon and the second I built will be primed, the first won't go in the rake.

Things to buy are oleo buffers, coupling hooks, more Cambrian suspension units and more.

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Further progress tomight with the construction of what will be 12106 being started. Got up to gluing the top face to the frame before being summoned by the missus...

Also, 12107 had end bracing fitted. 



Above - The wheel/axle/coupler arrangement. The Cambrian compensation units have had to be butchered to fit but are glued solid, meaning they need breaking off to remove wheels.





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Thankyou Chris, seems to be styrene sheets which have been pre-scribed with a machine which ive cut out with a craft knife and glued together. All detailing such as end bracing and ladders are my own work.

Tonight ive finished the structure of what will be 12106. Ive also added foot steps each side of 12107.






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More Cambrian compensation units bought, two more wagons can be made track worthy! 

The last three wagons of this batch being made now, hopefully more will become available soon. The first one I built is being dropped as im not happy with it's build quality 

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The PAB covhops are taking leaps and bounds now, with the next three taking shape next week once I have materials. 

The first four are now on the rails, which need painting, decaling, and weighing down.

Ive bought some Deluxe Materials Liquid Gravity to add some weight to the wagons, which will improve running quality, which will be fixed in with Roket Card Glue. Ive also bought more Evergreen U-channel to finish the last three wagons.

I felt my method of holding the wheels was hit and miss, and I wasnt happy with them, so I took to my CAD software and designed my own wheel holders. I didnt fancy buying the brass kit ones, as ive never worked with brass and i'd probably muck them up.

This is what I came up with...



With 2mm dia. shouldered Romford bearings fitted.


All shoe'd up...


Installed on the wagons(simply superglued on.


And finally with Cambrian pedestal suspention unit moulding, simply glued on top.

These wheel holders are 3D printed via Shapeways. The beauty of it is, you can make any shape of anything. These are a simple solution for any kit or scratchbuild.

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The wagons have all now been weighed down with Liquid Gravity, and now they run so much better. Each has it's own Symoba NEM coupling pocket system at each end, and currently have on order some buffers from Lanarkshire Modeling Supplies.

More to come...

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A kind of return to a previous project, the Network Rail DVT and mk3.

I'll be bringing these back to the workbench for some remedial work. Both the DVT and Mk3 will receive a repaint to the roof, inner black ends and new orange cantrail lines, the DVT will receive headlight upgrade, whilst the Mk3 will receive new Laserglaze windows, kadee-style coupler and rail cleaning pads. I'm toying with the idea of adding an extra mk3 to the formation, or possibly a mk2.

This consist, along with a class 67, will form Marshfield Junction's own Railhead Cleaning Train (RHCT), and will serve Marshfield Junction and my other layout, Amlwch branch. The operation cycle will be once a week over all lines.

Initially operated by a 67 from the DB Cargo stable, a change of contract is on the horizon...


As my Amlwch Branch layout has now taken priority as well as other things in my personal life, the PAB wagon project is now on the back burner, and my plans for further split headcode 37s now scrapped. This project with the DVT/Mk3 'RHCT' is a rare foray into the CazRail workshops...




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Cheers mate hoping to get the 7 I have finished during the new year and then decide on the other 11.

The Network Rail mk3 has had it's new windows fitted, and the DVT had the first coat of its roof done. Another coat and should be good to go. The DVT will then be handed to the CazRail electricians for new headlights...

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