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July 2012 TPOTM Entries - 'Sun/Skies'

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July 2012 Transport Photo Of The Month.

Sorry for the delay guys. I was travelling back from Alta to London all yesterday. 7 hours as Oslo Gardermoen... not very fun when you can't get on the wifi.

Entries open till midnight, 31st of this month.

Theme for July 2012:


As decided between the winners of last month, Jack and myself.

Looking for photos that have some relation to the sun and/or the skies. Whether this be a boat sailing by sunset over the ocean, an engine on-top of a hillside with a beautiful sky-line, or an aircraft flying through the clouds etc. It's quite a wide topic and leaves lots of ideas. Good luck ^_^

The rules can be found here

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Sailing under the 8 miles long Great Belt Bridge, Denmark 18/07/12.

This is the high-level road-only bridge. The artificial island to the left connects with a low-level road/rail bridge and trains disappear into tunnel at the island to go below the shipping lanes.

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Sorry about the size of the image, it had tho be either the size it is now, or bigger :P

The bigger the image the better my friend ^_^

Do you guys know, up until a few days ago I was either going to let this run for another month or close the competition as no one seemed interested? I'm very glad that people still are and wanting to enter so many thanks to you all so far :D

Now my entry, and because no one has done it yet (unfortunately), I'm going to be the first ;)

SAS Boeing 737 on glides in on final approach to Alta Airport


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