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I set this topic up away from the 2012 Comp thread as Essellty is now a working exhibitable layout. This thread is intended to be a photo log of it's exhibition life and if anything like Walmington Pier Tramway/New Walmington Pier which has attended over 100 exhibitions in the past 12 years, this thread could run and run!

Sunday 24 June 2012 - Colne Valley Railway, Castle Hedingham, Essex - EXHIBITION DEBUT

Thanks to the variable weather - anything from a monsoon to glorious sunshine, Essellty's debut was a fairly quiet low key one. Perched on the sorting bench in a TPO it was well received and I got some interesting comments varying from "Won't you get bored?" to "Wow, fantastic detail"




I used all three Hornby railcars and the Hornby One Railway Class 47, doing a 'four card trick' with Peco Loco-Lifts.

Lessons learnt:

1. Don't use a Vi-Trains loco at an exhibition, I was on edge about detail parts breaking off or falling off - Think it needs to move on.

2. It definitely needs lighting over the station area and I saw a similar size layout which used a desk lamp.

3. Lost my track connected power lead on the way home. Will solder a spare one on.

Until the next exhibition!

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Saturday 18 August 2012 - ONE MRC exhibition, Needham Market, Suffolk

31 deg C in a window-less community centre hall - phew!!!

Essellty performed better than me!!!!



Hornby GWR Railcar 29 opened the day, but looked out of place after a while. Must put railtour plates on it to give the heritage feel in a modern setting.


Lima GW Parcels Railcar W34W behaved itself impeccably without the typical pancake motor noise!!!


Hornby NSE 121025 representing the pre-privatisation period.

And finally:


Hornby CT 153333 approaching Essellty.

Future: Will make the layout operation railcar only.

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A new vehicle arrived on Essellty today:


A Bachmann BR Green Class 419 MLV for under £65 and chipped!!!

Before anyone says about a Southern car in East Anglia, there is a preserved MLV on the North Norfolk Railway at Dereham, approx 45 miles from me, and the East Kent Railway now has two of its 4 (or 5) MLVs in working order powering their 2 EPB and 4 CEP!

In BR service they did 20 miles on battery alone during engineering diversions between Redhill and Tonbridge!

Will be making its debut on Saturday 8 September at the Bishop's Stortford Railway Society model railway exhibition at Markwell Pavillion, Castle Gardens, Bishop's Stortford CM23 2EL - Hope to see some of our Herts based members there!

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Hi Jack,

it's a beauty!!! Very smooth running and despite being a 3rd rail/battery vehicle. It did not look out of place on Essellty.

There are now five operating 'periods' on Essellty:

Pre-Nationalisation: GWR Railcar

Early British Railways: BR (ex GWR) Parcels Railcar

Pre-Privatisation: Network South East Class 121 'Bubble Car'

The Privatised Railway: Central Trains Class 153

Preservation: BR Motor Luggage Van

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Excellent... I'm surprised Network Rail approved of it. They are very strict about yellow warning panels XD I hope Bachmann produce more EMUs of any kind as there are very few in the market.

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What a great little layout, very good for the limited space aspect, what size is it, looks about 2ft x 1ft... plus your fiddle yard...

Great to see on here, and a website to suit...

Cant ask for more really...


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Jamie, I quote from the Essellty website "Essellty Station occupies 22 inches (560 mm) x 8 inches (203 mm) of a 36" (914 mm) x 8" (203 mm) offcut of steel-edged laminate wood flooring". The layout was built as part of our 2012 competition which Dave came 2nd in. Chris66522's entry 'Derby North' is very identical to Dave's, but both entries have their owner's magic touch to make them unique.

Dave, have you ever considered making another 'module' to continue the intrest in operation of the layout? Just looking at Bob's modules, something like a countryside bridge, or maybe a junction could maybe add interest to the layout even more to what it currently is.

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For the first time I've been doing some weathering and that's without an airbrush!!


BR (Ex-GWR) Railcar W22W: Added flush glazing to sides, dirty red buffer beams, buffer faces patched and painted out roof scratches.


BR (Ex-GWR) Parcels Railcar W34W: Nicely weathered by previous owner, so I added flush glazing to parcels doors, patched the buffer faces and dirtied up the intake grilles.


BR/Network SouthEast Class 121 121025: Weathered roof, bogies and underframe picking out engine and exhaust as well as smearing the cab-mounted exhaust pipes, patched buffer faces.


Central Trains Class 153 153333: Toned down roof, weathered bogies and underframe leaving one compressor pristine (indicating recent replacement), weathered snowploughs and contact edges of gangways.


Preserved BR Class 419 Motor Luggage Van S68001: Kept in out of the box condition

For those who don't know how to weather without an airbrush, look up 'dry brushing' - I use my two dirtiest knackered brushes for this work!

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