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Rules and Regulations TPOTM - Updated 09/04/13

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Transport Photo of the Month Rules

Rules in affect from the April 2012 competition.
Modified/Updated: 13th January 2013

Hey all.

Here are the rules for the Transport Photo of the Month.
The TPOTM works by being based on a ‘theme’ each month. You can enter by posing in the submissions topic once it is open (usually on the 7th of each month once voting for the previous month’s completion is complete and we have a new theme.


Section A - Photo Entries:

1) Photos must be related to transport in some way. This can take the form of, but not limited to, railways, stations, airports, aircraft, ships, docks/ports, road traffic, coaches, canals etc. It is a very broad category so you will have a wide range of options.
2) Each month will have a specific theme that photos must relate to. If a photo doesn’t fit a theme or isn’t justified, it will not be entered. However, you will be notified if it doesn’t fit. For example, if a theme is ‘black and white’ a vibrant colour photo will be denied.
3) Photos must be taken by you. Using other people’s work is not allowed – regardless of how well you know them or how close you may be. However, if you have a photo that was taken in collaboration with someone, then the photo is permitted.
4) There is no restriction on when the photo was taken, You may enter a photo you took last night, or one you took 20 years ago – so long as it fits the theme.
5) Each user may enter ONE photo per competition. However, you are permitted to change it as many times as you like up until the end of the month.
6) Non-winning entries may be re-entered again after 2 months. Winning entries may not be re-entered to any future competition.

7) If an entrant wins the competition, they may not enter the next month.

8) In exception to rule A-7, if there are two or more joint winners for a competition, they may enter the next month if the organiser allows it. HOWEVER, should either entrant win a second time, either by themselves or in another joint win, they may not enter for the 3rd month.

Section B - Photo Quality

1) Photos must be at least 800x600 pixels in size. Photos under this size will be rejected. However, if there is a valid reason, such as a panoramic photo just under the height limit, please ask and an exception may be made. Upload the best and highest quality you can!Photos that are 800 pixels in at least Height or Width will be most likely permitted. 
2) Very fuzzy, blurry or out of focus shots will be rejected. Unless it is done for an artistic affect, that works, then photos will be rejected. We want good quality photos. Something just snapped on a phone when you were running down a platform will not cut it. No excuses.
3) Snap-shots from video are not allowed. Unless your camera takes fantastic quality video that you can take snap-shots from in very high quality (which is very unlikely unless you are filming from a DSLR).
4) Photos from phones are permitted providing the quality is of a good standard (See rule B.3)

Section C - Further Rules

1) The theme for each month will be set by last month’s winner. During the voting process, members who entered should take the time to consider their next chosen theme. However, they must NOT disclose their theme to anyone except competition organisers until voting is complete. After voting is over, they may post their theme and let the competition organiser know as soon as possible. They may tell the competition organiser of what their preferred theme is should they win at any time during voting. This is preferred to save time or if you are perhaps not likely to be around on the night the voting ends.

2) When choosing a theme, please do not be too restrictive. Please consider something that can apply to a variety of transport methods rather than just rail.
3) Photo-shopping is not allowed. This is a photo competition, not an editing one.
4) In relation to the above rule C.3, basic colour-correction is permitted. Such as black/white, sepia, and colour/contrast modification. If you’re unsure, please submit the photo and ask us if it’s passable. Just make sure you have a copy of your un-modified photo backed-up!
5) Watermarks are permitted on photos provided they are small and unintuitive.
6) Photos must NOT be taken from an area that would be deemed to be trespassing. If you are found to have broken safety rules or laws, your photo will be removed and you will be banned from the competition, depending on the severity of the situation. Please note, in extreme cases, you may be reported to further authorities – such as walking on the railway to get pictures. However, if you’re on a crossing and it is not obvious for example, please, please make sure you tell us that when you post your entry and make it clear to all users that you were obeying the rules and laws set in place.
6) During voting, users may not vote for themselves. Users found to be voting for themselves will have their vote removed and possibly their entry too.

Section D - Further Reading

Although in some countries and areas rules may differ, and in others you may have special permissions, please remember the obvious rules, regulations and law.
We expect everyone to know these. This is just a guide.

1) Railways -
a. DO NOT trespass on the railways. No matter how good you think the photo is.
b. DO NOT use the flash on a camera – as stated by all TOCs.
c. DO NOT photograph in areas where it may pose a danger to you or anyone else.
d. DO NOT obstruct signalling or security equipment.
e. Where appropriate, inform members of staff you are on the station or check-in where required.

f. ALWAYS be fully aware of your surroundings both for your own safety and for the safety of others. Note and report any suspicious activity of behaviour. Abide by the railway by-laws, conditions of carriage, regulations, and don't be a pest.
g. Keep emergency contact numbers noted – British Transport Police: 0800 40 50 40
For more information, see your local TOC website or go to

2) Airports –
a. DO NOT trespass in any areas.
b. If a sign says you’re not allowed to take photos, don’t do it.
c. DO NOT photograph security staff or police, unless given explicit permission to take and use the photo. Remember to respect other people and their privacy as well.
d. Take caution when photographing aircraft and airports. We know all too well how security and such can be at times.
e. We recommend that you don’t photograph inside major airports and terminals. It’s generally not allowed and security will flag you up on it. Avoid the trouble, confrontation, and also any concerns you may cause security staff.
f. ALWAYS be fully aware of your surroundings both for your own safety and for the safety of others. Note and report any suspicious activity of behaviour.
Check airline and airport websites for details if needs be.

If you have any more notes for Further Reading or guidelines you want added, please contact me.


Rules Updated 07/09/2012 - Added New Rule - Section C, Rule 6.

Rules Updated 13/01/2013 - Added New Rule - Section A, Rule 7. Modified Section B, rules 3 & 4.

Rules Updated 09/04/2013 - Added New Rule - Section C, Rule 2. Amended some typing errors in various rules. Modified Section D, Rule 2-C.

Edited by Geo Ghost
Rules Updated

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