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Model POTM Reform and Changes

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Hey again all.

As mentioned previously, Model Photo of the Month will be changing next month as well as Real Photo of the Month.

However, don't panic! For this competition, the changes are only small and now as big.

There is only one significant change that will be in place with Model Photo of the Month.

Photos will no longer be restricted to model railways. in fairness, they never really were in the first place but we want to open this out to all forms of modelling now instead of just trains on a layout.

This includes, but not restricted to: Garden railways; layouts; model ships, cars, and planes; kit-built models; remote control models; model buildings and scenery etc.

As you might imagine, this is expanded quite a lot now. As I said before, there never really was a restriction to 'just trains' before but I'm now openly enticing more people to enter and submit a much larger variety of photos :D

Other than some minor rule tweaks, this is the only change.

Unlike the, soon to be renamed, Real POTM, Model POTM will retain the rule with photos having to be taken in this current month and will not have a theme. This way, it becomes a lot easier for people to enter this competition and also makes each of the two competitions more unique and separate.

Please do let me know your thoughts and feedback here. As with RPOTM, I will refine the list of rules next week. :)

All the best!


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