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Hello there everyone!

Well, this is my new topic for Windward, my modern image 00 gauge model railway.

Windward is set on the east coast of Scotland, no specific location.

I honestly cannot remember when i started Windward, but it could be 9 or 10 years ago.

It’s a mixture of Industrial, residential and rural scenery, as I wanted to make the layout look "busy". The continuous double track layout incorporates a locomotive depot fuelling point, shops, houses and a station.

The layout is an 8ft by 4ft 6” the baseboard made from plywood and also stands on four legs. The tracks are Hornby, code 100, OO scale and some of the points are electrified with Gaugemaster points. The signals are all home made and use LED’s (3mm). The control is by DCC.

All the locomotives on the layout are weathered or super detailed by myself to make them look as realistic as possible. This is done round the exhaust outlets with Humbrol matt 33 paint (Matt Black) and an undercoat of Railmatch "Roof Dirt" I am particularly proud of my Class 221 CrossCountry Voyager because the radiator grills on the top came out very well with a new technique or painting and then smudging to get a really good effect of rusting/dirty grills.

The ballasting is N gauge and done with a 50/50 mix on PVA glue and water but the ballast has been done all around the layout, apart from in the platform area, some areas have been deep ballasted also. The grass is a very fine rubber green. Or a paint mix with sawdust mixed in, the vehicles are a mix of Corgi and some smaller brands.

Overall, around £2,000 has been spent over the layout getting to it's current state.

Windward has now reached a point where it's almost complete, and very little room for development and adding new features.

I like the era of the layout, i used to keep my liveries up to date, but for example i have kept my HST in GNER Livery, and will not be getting DBS class 66's or class 37's.

Here is Windwards product list:

Class 66 - EWS

Class 66 - Freightliner

Class 66 - DRS

Class 67 - EWS

Class 37 - EW&S

Class 170 - First ScotRail (Barbie Livery)

Class 221 - CrossCountry

Class 43 HST - GNER

[NEW]Class 158 - First ScotRail (Barbie Livery)

ScotRail Sleeper MK3 [x3]

ScotRail Sleeper MK2 [x2]

GNER MK3 [x7]

HEA Wagon [x5]

TTA Wagon [x6]

Intermodal [x12]

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Yay! Windward is on the forums! Very nice list of stock there matey! I need to do a list like that for my layout :) Cant wait for the release of the new loco... and im guessing it is 90021? Anyway, are you going to be getting the saltire 170s when they come out?

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Well here we are! The first pictures of Cl'158(741) on Windward!

I did some modifications last night and they are pointed out in the captions below.

More modifications are to be made.

Note: Not been converted to DCC yet!


The Cl'158 on Windward!


Another shot showing the incorrect door window. This shouldn't be here on the FSR version.


The front lights have been painted yellow to match with the real FSR new LED lighting clusters. A second coat will be required.


Initial weathering has started, here is some of the exhaust dirt. More weathering such as frame dirt, and front dirt to be added.


Another shot of the 158 and 170 in Windward.

The real class 158 on the old lighting clusters, showing the no-window door along with lots of dirt!!

Another shot showing the new LED lighting clusters, also no-window door and lots of dirt!!

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A carry on from this morning, modifications on the new Bachmann Cl'158 in FSR continues...


The second coat of paint around the light clusters has been applied, now showing the correct latest LED style.


Weathering around the top and bottom to create a dirty and used look. Home made Graphite powder was used to create this.


A home made and designed door insert was made on MS PowerPoint, printed in High Quality and slipped into the door way to cover the incorrect window.


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