Causeway Junction

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hey all

Happy New Year all!

No real progress with the layout in 2010, due to work and family commitments but there has been a few developments in the last few days, i have removed the upper level tracks behind the station, and will hopefully be relaying a new track plan next week, and installing back scenes. I will add a few photos of the work done so far over the week end.


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Hi Bondy

Looks like all is changing! , are you planning on disposing of the higher level tracks or are they being re-built?

Also how many 60s do you currently have operating on Causeway Junction?



Hey Lewis

Yes the upper level has gone for good, and wont be rebuilt! Never really liked it that much, this will allow me to install a better back scene for the layout, and at the fiddle yard side allow me a lot more room, hopefully get another 6 roads into it!

At the minute I have 14 in service, I had at 1 point 21, but I sold a few to fund the purchase of new wagons.


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What is the plan for this track change?

Been looking at your website, noticed you have change it slightly, looking very good!

All the best,


Hey Philip

I have a plan in my head for the new layout, will basically be a 4 track arrangement, with up&down, fast and slow tracks, the station will be moved to one end, and disappear under a town scene. and will have a small depot or yard at the other end!


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