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Found 1 result

  1. Chris


    Despite never having visited, I have a keen interest in the Corris railway. Aside from the Thomas the Tank Engine links (I was a huge fan of the books as a child, with a particular fondness for the Skarloey railway) the only other explanation I have is that I always develop an affinity to the smaller, sometimes more downtrodden. It’s evident in my choice of sports teams (Crewe Alexandra and Derbyshire Cricket Club) for starters! Anyway, as I start to dabble in 009, I wondered if the Corris railway actually offered a good possible starting point. Corris station is, simply, a tuning fork. The line then runs in front of a Welsh slate wall, behind which is housed a church. The line can be seen roughly drawn in on the photo above. This got me thinking. I have a Tim Horn ‘scenic board,’ just 25 centimetres deep by 45 centimetres wide. What if I made the curve out of the station more severe, bending it around the wall in front of the church (see red line on photo below)? The blue dashed lines are purely there to indicate a back scene, although I would imagine the the layout would end at the station fence on the right hand side, with the track being sandwiched along a wall at the front and the church wall. You might spot that there is a lot of inspiration taken from the excellent ‘Shifting Sands‘ by Colin Peake. The slate walling looks like it could be fun to do, whilst the church is as close as possible to a dead ringer as the church in the Dapol range. All in all, it’s a project that I am feeling very excited about. The first job is to work out f I get the flexi track to bend appropriately.