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  1. the shanker is a bit bright... where's my sunglasses? ....runs...grabs hat and coat... LOL... I know I already said it elsewhere, but Merry Xmas and a Happy New You.
  2. hornby railroad class 08 a few pennies of paint and some glue n glaze :) Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year all :)
  3. Your right they look good, shall check them out, thanks for the tip.
  4. Glad you found the you Tube, most of my energies now days is on my Facebook Group. I share my build along with like minded people.365 members in just under a year :) Model Railway Discussion Group. FYI The gravestones are still not in a final pot, when that occurs they will get embedded. I need more crosses on plinths, I may end up making them, and once i have the conifer shapes then i will redo the area to more reflect the real Goathland. At the moment I am doing a small graveyard for vehicles, and a track and an old 0-4-0 will be set i the same area. rustyVWBeetle I did put a black marble headstone on but it kept standing out like a sore thumb, poor thing has been relegated to the side. Who are GW? I would be interested in looking Next job, age a poor defenceless 0-4-0
  5. 2810 weathered, also flattened a tyre...DOH! 2800 as bought 2780 goathland 2736/1 dead centre of town
  6. 2506, 2503 2344 2306 2259,
  7. Thanks Neil :) Here's a little one for you... everyone loves a burger van in a lay by, smell those onions draw you in... mmmmm... and here's a little thief hopping to find a tit bit, per in the bin bags 2008
  8. thank you for the links :) I will check them out
  9. lovely colours, up to your usual great standard :) agreed
  10. Starting a new station, Sheffield Park, the buildings are bought ready to plonk resin, not scratch built, but they are rather fine buildings 1764,1766, 767 A long way to go, a quick tester, the car park is a simple finish, so I should soon be onto the platforms, tracks and trains