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  1. It is possible to go round and round in a small space!
  2. wahiba


    Time moves slowly. However the first stages are getting the layout sorted. Nice thing about HD3 track is the ease with which various options can be tried out before fixing down. Two videos of my initial trials: on hold until the weather is a bit warmer. Hopefully though more suitable rolling stock will then be available. Three Rail Roar - first HD3 test runs. Mainly a HD3 CoCo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeS5cqvIrwA Hornby Dublo in the Loft 2 - second run this time with the tank engine and a converted modern Hornby loco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afUhgQHNOFU
  3. wahiba

    End to End

    Because of the poor weather I have been able to progress my automated end to end project. It uses a 555 timer chip based on a project in a Babani book on the topic. At least i am learning how to use a prototyping board... David
  4. Popped in a few years back and saw it. Interestingly on the way back from Cambridge where I think the track was. I beleive there is a line of radio telescopes along the track line. The linear motor was made by English Electric. I remember seeing it the factory leaning against the wall. They invested in a large autoclave to get the insulation on it. I had only just started there so was never involved or knew any details.
  5. I envy your artistic eye. I have to be more practical.
  6. It is well over 50 years since I first read Unusual Railways. Since then all forms of guided transport have been of interest, especially monorail. As yet I have to make a model but have plenty of ideas. Talking recently to one of the original team that put together Milton Keynes I learnt that they proposed a monorail system but the car lobby stopped that. He got trips to France and the USA checking out their various trial systems at the time. !
  7. I use CAD. Draw using the bits needed using the original dimensions. When finished scale as needed. 1/87,1/76. Only problem with this method is the scale dimensions are a bit odd so I often end redrawing with more practical sizes I can read off a rule.
  8. I use SCARM as a sort of sketching tool. With pre-defined track it allows one to find the space needed, and or how the space available may be used. For detail work the editing facilities are weak. It is often easier to start again. Generally I use a CAD programme called DeltaCAD which is precise, intuitive and easy to use. It does mean drawing up switches and crossing but this only needs doing once. Of course it is also suitable for designing rolling stock, buildings etc. Having a bit of time at the moment on holiday might look at Xtrack again. Not impressed last time but maybe I need to persevere.
  9. wahiba


    Away from home one gets the time to think. Currently the loft is being prepared for a layout. Preparation is mainly clearing out, but the support area has been prepared. Using SCARM I have created an initial outline. Green is main line. Red is urban rail and blue is the tramway. Base is the shape it is as the entrance to the loft has to be got around. There is an option for an all around the lof route which has been catered for. Well, the dream has now started. Let us see how I get on.
  10. wahiba

    Narrow Gauge Spain

    Where I am staying there is a round about with an old narrow gauge steam loco of German origin plus one side tipping truck. Gauge looks a bit bigger than 2', possibly 2' 6". There were mines active locally near Cartegena and this is a memorial to the miners.
  11. Hi Everyone As yet my layout has to be built. But the base area in the loft has been prepared so it is only a matter of getting a couple of windows fitted and I can work up there in the summer. Plans, in my head, are for a low level traditional oval primarily using Hornby Dublo Three Rail Track and an end to end overhead railway loosely based on the defunct Liverpool overhead. It will use Trix fibre three rail track. Well you may ask why three rail. Well after buying some HD 3 rail I really thought it to be great stuff. As for the Trix, well I accidently aquired a lot of the stuff and finding it to be quite cheap have acquired a bit more. Takes a bit of cleaning but has an advantage over the HD in that as the running rails are electrically seperated along with the thrid rail it is possible to indulge in simple automation. I am interested in all railway technology. I am also interested in second hand book fairs and like to hunt out the unusual. with railways this generally means anything other than steam or mainline diesel. I have gravitated towards trams and urban rail, hence the Liverpool overhead which until I acquired a second hand book I had never heard of. I know all about electric trains however as originating down south, grand parents near Newcastle and living for a while near Bury I have travelled on all those systems as three rail. Currently I reside in Yorkshire and our local line is overhead 25 kV. Not forgetting trips to London and the underground. have yet to try out the DLR; on my bucket list. I know this is a bit waffly for a new boy but I am in Spain for a couple of weeks. No railway nearby although there is an old Narrow gauge loco in the centre of a round about. Spanish main line and metre gauges nearby running out of Cartegena. New trams in Murcia. Hopefully might fit a visit to the rail musem at Aquilas. (excuse spelling, from memory) Back to my model railway interests. Well I have taken an interest in freelancing, especially urban rail. Fits in with another interest, card models. Also a load of old Underground Ernie chassis which do not seem to be scale to any known rolling stock or trams. Along with my 3 rail interest I have taken an interest in converting 2 rail to 3 rail. For the purists i recently acquired HD 3 rail tank loco and HD 3 rail BoBo diesel to investigate 3 rail collection methods. Interestingly in Spain there is a paper fastening system which looks much the same as the HD3 diesel collector so I hope to take some home for further investigation. So to the details of my layout. Not for me the scattered grass, well not in traditional sense. Trix and Hornby both made buildings that look reasonably straight forward to re-produce so I have decided to go down that road. As part of my second hand book forays I acquired a number of old model railway books some of which have some pretty good ideas for building that can be made in the HD/Trix style. Using quick assemble track it seemed not unreasonable to use quick assemble buildings. I am also in to picture taking and film making so my efforts are always well recorded. Plenty on YouTube. Also Meccano where I am looking to specialise towards railways running built of Meccano. More garden than 00 gauges, although I did try Meccano bodies on OO chassis once. Did not really work. Finally I have a side interest in cheap toy trains. It started with a set from poundland that uses 12mm track. I even bought some old Triang TT and most of it runs. Not all, one set was nearer 14mm and while the loco runs on TT 12mm the rolling stock does not. That one cost a bit more, but certainly less than £10. Well, I shall now finish my St Miguel ready for the evening meal, outside as the sun sets over looking the part finished old peoples home. David ;)