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    My modelling interests mainly include modern image 1990s to early 2000s so lots of varied ews traction in a mix of liverys mainly set in the west of yorkshire

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  1. Since my last post 66068 in ews has been added to my allocation and also 60033 tees steel express not sure if I will be keeping this but it was a bargain so it was rude not to really david
  2. With them fitted should make for some good night shots
  3. 37 looks good what point motors are you planning on using? david
  4. Time for an up to date list Locomotives and Units currently operating: 66135 - EWS - dcc sound 66159 - EWS - dcc sound 66068 - EWS 60007 - Load Haul 60029 - EWS 37411 - EWS 37419 - EWS 144 - metro waves 153324 northern Locomotives and Units currently in storage: NONE Rolling stock allocation 18 MEAs ews/mainline/transrail 12 PNAs Railtrack green 14 HTAs ews i have moved on my kfa allocation with the aim to getting more coal handling stock And I am looking to move on my 158 in metro waves livery its dcc fitted Pm me if your interested David
  5. No probs bud. Good call. You didn't paint them all did you? David
  6. 408 carried loch rannoch, £40 For the lot if so I hope you bit their hand off for them? And if you haven't at that price for them all I'll have them
  7. Thanks jaz most of the latest pictures are taken on my clubs layout stanmoor edge there is a thread on here for it David
  8. Thanks bud I am going to have to figure out how long it it is already because of fiddle yard space, and it's balancing that and the fact I want another 66, i will probably need to lengthen my mea rake to about 20, then a rake of haas, put it this way I could quite easily spend all my layout budget just on stock ... I'm aiming for 2 -3 ews 66s 37411 and 405 2 60s Possibly a ews 56 1 rake of railroad haas about 20 1 rake of meas about 20 1 maybe 2 rakes of HTAs (not full length) 10 to 12 long Some more up to date haa/ba fitted with kaydees to shove about wagon works Just a few more purchases ...
  9. Cheers neil managed to get a few more David
  10. D Winpenny

    Wrexbury Marsh

    Looking great jinty David