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  1. Hi sorry I missed your comment, yes of course feel free, glad the layout is still inspiring. Would love to see what you come up with. thanks for the interest and comment all the best Glenn
  2. excellent, cheers for that much appreciated. best regards Glenn
  3. where do you get these if you dont mind me asking please?
  4. Hi. I am scratch building mine not sure which chassis to use yet but am currently using the triang dock shunter chassis which isn't a million miles from the right size , motor bogies seem so pricey all the time , I did rewheel the triang chassis so it will run through modern points.
  5. this all sounds very interesting, i am building a Planet diesel loco and trying to make it look like the one that worked the rom metals sidings at witham, so im very interested in your project sounds good.
  6. Today i have weathered the cobblestones, put the lamp and buffer stops back weathered those and started to ballast the track
  7. Evening all, well i think ive had enough of cobble stoning for a while so started to lay down some different washes of paint on them. First coat of paint Damned potholes! Then some washes of burnt umber , black and dark green My rat was feeling a little left out so muscled her way into the yard for a nose, i felt sorry for her what could i say so please dont shoot me for putting an overkill engine in the yard !!
  8. Hi guys just a quick note to say this layout will be called "Berner Street Yard" not based on the real berner street yard but with a little imagination it may have looked like that in 70s/80s if the railway served it!!!! modellers license ;) cheers Glenn
  9. Hi Buz, thanks, yes ive lost the loading gauge as you say its not area for it and yes you are right about attention to detail, when i said less is more i meant trackwork as i intended another track originally to be under the second opening under the bridge but it looked too crowded , you are spot on with the name i have decided on the name now, many thanks for your comments much appreciated ;) cheers Glenn
  10. Hi buffers and lamps are not fixed in place yet as ive still got to sand down the cobbles and put some curve to them between the rails and tidy up, i did the cobbles in an unregular way on purpose as its kind of modelled on an old yard that i used to live near, thanks for your input :)
  11. Thanks, i try to do all modelling projects with as much scratchbuilding or recycling as i can, thanks for your nice comment appreciated ;-)
  12. yard lights fitted today and the cobblestones area laid and ready for painting
  13. Hi, Welcome to the forum, never used z gauge but will be looking forward to updates Glenn
  14. Hi Paul, Thanks i just find it all a bit daunting, my soldering skills are non existant to be honest and wiring up point motors fills me with fear , thats why im building my micro layout to get a bit of practice in, and dcc on my locos in that little space would be a dream come true. Thanks for your time Glenn
  15. Woah!! shes making all the noises that still get me excited!...without prying too much i hope but is it expensive to equip a loco with that kind of sound and dcc gear? sorry im still on dc but one day would love something like that! Cheers Glenn